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Trending: Tartan Shirts


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Tartan is one of those prints that can either look very casual or very classy. I prefer the latter. If worn the wrong way a tartan shirt can look like you’ve just finished milking a cow or fixing a motor bike, but when worn correctly the print can be super chic. Like stripes, tartan is one of those classic prints that never really go out of style, you’ve just got to know how to work it. A tartan shirt is a stereotypical part of the “lesbian uniform” but to be completely honest I’ve only ever owned one, and it was pink and purple and very feminine. But after doing a little bit of window shopping online this femme will be purchasing another, and perhaps one a little more grungy then the last.

How would I style it? I really like the idea of wearing it open with a great pair of jeans, fun flats and a simple tee. Probably more 90s throwback than frolicking farmer, but it’s up to you how you style this essential piece. Here are my top four tartan shirts trending this Spring, perfect for a cooler evening this season.


1. MiH Jeans “The Oversized” Plaid Silk Shirt @ Netaporter ($450)
2. Rails Hunter Plaid Shirt @ Intermix Online ($160)
3. Blair Plaid Shirt @ Abercrombie & Fitch ($45)
4. Alpine & Dine Top @ Modcloth ($40)

Will you be wearing tartan this season? How would you style these shirts? Girly glam or grungy cool?

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  1. twenty says

    M favourite ever pj’s were red tartan. Wish I still had them.

  2. Karli says

    I personally love tartan shirts, being from the country probably has influenced this. I just love how versatile they are!

  3. Poor Lindsay Lohan.. Me and Leo watched her E True Hollywood Story on the weekend. So tragic. šŸ˜¢ I feel like I couldn’t pull this look off, would definitely feel like a farmer

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