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Like It Local: K Gets Organised


I like to think I’m organised, E will disagree. I have a diary, keep my upcoming events and engagements in my phone for easy access, plan my blog posts well in advance and make sure I schedule everything in. Sounds organised, right? Hmm. Unfortunately I “forget” to schedule in time to clean, cook, food shop or do those lovely everyday duties one must complete to lead a simple life. This is where E disagrees with my organisational skills. Funnily enough I find it very easy to organise the best bits of life, and find it equally as easy to brush aside the rest. I need help.

Help from someone who spends her days creating pieces to keep people organised! Who else to ask but the lady behind the aptly named local stationery spot K Gets Organised. Meet Perth creative Kelsie White.


Who is Kelsie in five words?
Excited, creative, bubbly, bright and inquisitive!

What do you do?
I am a stationery designer and creative director of K Gets Organised in Perth.

Why do you do it?
Because I am on the hunt for the perfect notebook, the best textured greeting card, the most perfect letter writing set and the most breath taking wedding stationery suites.

What inspires you?
Flowers, laughter, picnics with friends and travel! I’m constantly inspired by beautiful heart felt products coming out of the woodwork including my latest favourite, Melbourne based Winnie and Co “The Baker’s Drawer”.

Anything exciting we should look out for in the near future?
At the moment I’m the artist in residence at Beau Est Mien and working on some exciting collaborations including a tote bag range with Alina Tang from Giant Pansy. Some more fun collaborations will come out this month and then I’ll be at different markets across the Summer!

Where do you hope to see your business five years from now?
I took some very thoughtful advice from stationery queen Anna Rifle Bond when she said she doesn’t plan more than three to six months in advance. I’m lucky that I have a small business and can respond to amazing opportunities that come my way and I’d like to keep it that way for a while.

Are you truly an organised person?
I think being organised is a journey – it’s about self discovery for me, finding what works best and what doesn’t work (and learning from my mistakes). I love finding rhythms and rituals that work with my brain and my habits. I love using my products and I find that they really do help me find a balance that makes me happy.

What do you love about the Perth creative scene?
I love how supportive everyone is of each other and how there seems to be such an abundance of workshops to learn new skills. I’m also very excited to start the Perth branch of Creative Women’s Circle – a bunch of fun speaker events and breakfast dates for creative women of WA to come together and learn from each other.


Now is your chance to “get organised”, because Kelsie’s stunning range of products is available for purchase at the gorgeous Beau est Mien in Northbridge. Unorganised Anonymous, I’m looking at you!

How do you stay organised?

E x


  1. twenty says

    Every “new year” my resolution is to become more organised. Last yr I did not make a resolution and strangely its the first yr of my life I’m starting to become more organised. Go figure !! Great post and lovely stuff from K GETS ORGANISED.

  2. those are some cute greeting cards! wow, you’re really amazing at what you do E! xx

  3. I stumbled across K Gets Organised on Instagram only recently – Kelsie’s work is just beautiful. I’m a sucker for gorgeous stationary!

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