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Bloggers & Brioche – V Burger Bar, Floreat


WHO: V Burger Bar
WHAT: “Blogger Nite”
WHEN: October 13
WHERE: V Burger Bar, Floreat
WHY: Launch night for the new brioche bun range

As I’ve mentioned in the past I’m a bit of a food fanatic, but some days all you want is a good burger. When V Burger Bar invited me to the blogger launch of their new brioche range there was no way I was missing out. I’ve visited the Vic Park store in the past but this was my first visit to the spacious, funky Floreat store and I’m so glad to have made the trip up. Armed with my iPhone and good friend K, we enjoyed an evening of champagne, tasty treats and went home toting gift bags of lovely goodies. But let’s start at the beginning of the scrumptious evening.




A good meal is never complete without a tasty starter to get the mouth watering. V Burger Bar served up two amazing dishes to begin the evening. The Crumbed Mushrooms with Spicy Mayonnaise went down a treat. Crispy crumb encasing a tender juicy mushroom with a zing of mayo… Mmm. Usually served with a blue cheese dipping sauce, I loved the idea of pairing the rich mushroom dish with the spicy sauce. Up next was the Haloumi Bites with relish. I love cheese, and I mean love. I’d probably eat cheese for every meal if I could, so this starter was right up my alley. Haloumi is one cheese that you can ruin pretty easily if you over cook it, but V Burger Bar knew exactly what they were doing. The tomato relish cut the strength of the cheese and was the perfect accompaniment. My friend K has attended a few blogger events with me in the past, but never a food event. She quickly learnt that before eating anything she had to give the table of bloggers ample time to photograph the food. Patience my dear. It’s a process really.




If you’ve never tried brioche before you’re missing out. The french style pastry is more commonly seen in desserts, but when paired with a complimentary savoury dish it can be absolutely delicious! The brioche range features three new combinations – the Americana, Space Mushroom and Piggy Back. Since pulled pork has become so big in the past couple of years I can’t go past it on any menu. It is my mission to learn the art of pulling pork in the near future – watch this space. The Piggy Back was absolutely amazing. The off the bone pulled pork rib was juicy, tender and had a gorgeous sweet favour. Paired with fresh coleslaw, a crisp onion ring, house BBQ sauce, jalapeño and aioli the combination was brilliant from first bite to the final mouthful. It was certainly not your regular, run of the mill burger. I think I’ve become a convert to brioche – the light and airy bun was much less dense and filling than a regular roll and I wasn’t overly full after finishing my meal.

K was still day dreaming about the mushroom starter when she placed her order for the Space Mushroom brioche burger. Usually a meat eater, she fell in love with mushy brioche. I swear it disappeared off her plate in five bites. Featuring a cheese filled crumbed field mushroom, tomato, red onion and greens with a spicy mayo she was in foodie heaven. When asked to describe her burger all she could muster was a yum, a smile and suggestively mentioned she’d love another. Must have been a winner!

The final burger in the new range is the Americana, the ultimate man burger. Grilled prime beef patty, cheddar, all the salad goodies with aioli and relish. One of the bloggers opposite me had ordered this one and it looked positively tasty.




The new brioche range was launched to the public on Friday just gone so if you’ve finished drooling over all the burger goodness here, you too can head down to your closest V Burger Bar store and have your fix. Tell them I sent you.

E x

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  1. gabrielletrenbath says

    You blog has made me hungry, I so have to check this place out

  2. The starters sound so good!! I will go and try in Vic Park â˜ș Love the pic of you with your name tag – cute!

    • You totally should! The food is perfection! I keep my eyes peeled for new and exciting thanks Hannah, but this event was an invite – the best kind of event hahaah

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