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Brunch Club: Brunchino, Belmont


I’ve had the same discussion with a few friends lately about how shattering it is when your favourite local neighbourhood cafe becomes way too busy and popular that you can no longer just pop in on a Sunday morning without having to wait for a table. I’m obviously very happy for the cafe owners who deserve all the recognition and customers they are attracting, but I miss my local. My local is now everyone’s local.

I’ve visited two favourite spots lately and decided to go elsewhere because it was just way too busy! This girl sadly has no patience, especially when I need a coffee. But busy favourites is the perfect excuse to try somewhere brand new, and this is exactly what we did on this particular Sunday morning. After attempting to stop in at a Belmont favourite we were shocked to see a line pouring out the door of people waiting to order their breakfast (well done guys!) and this hangry foodie couldn’t wait. So around the corner we traveled to a sweet little spot that has been on my Urbanspoon list for a short time, the gorgeous Brunchino.

The tiny little cafe is situated on Belvidere Street in Belmont. It’s in strip of shops, but we had no trouble finding a parking spot (probably because everyone was hiding from the rain indoors). We stepped inside to find a pleasant amount of customers enjoying their breakfast, and we didn’t have to wait for a table (which made my hangry-ness subside slightly). The menu is pretty standard, with the usual sweet and savoury options and a few feature dishes served on the weekends only. The display case at the till was filled with tasty sweet treats and the most plump, floury scones I’d seen in a long time, but it was breakfast time so to the menu we went. E’s eye went directly to her usual Eggs Benedict. And mine followed. I hadn’t had my original fave in a little while and the idea of gooey eggs and creamy hollandaise sauce was calling my name.




Served with wilted spinach, fresh ham, thick cut toast, perfectly poached eggs and tangy hollandaise the dish was absolutely scrumptious. For some reason E wasn’t feeling the spinach so she graciously passed it on to me and the extra green added to the dish. The hollandaise sauce was thick and creamy and just as it should be with no overpowering vinegar flavour. Egg goo was on point – another minute or two and my egg would have been overcooked, but I was so happy with the egg porn I did get. As you would know I normally order smoked salmon alongside my eggs, but changing it up a little with the ham was exactly what I needed. It’s a completely different dish, and I forgot how much I like it.

And onto the coffee. My soy flat white was absolutely brilliant with no bitter aftertaste. I couldn’t stop raving about it. E was a little bored of my coffee praise after about thirty seconds of my drink hitting the table – sorry babe! The interior of the cafe was also something to rave about, with gorgeous homely touches creating a lovely warm feeling. Wooden tables popped against vibrant coloured walls, whilst gorgeous food related art hung on most of the blank spaces. It is just sweet little spot. Next time I’ll be trying the Warm Apple French Toast… mmm!



Maybe finding a cool new cafe is a good thing? But I guess I’ll have to give it time – I bet Brunchino will be ridiculously busy next time we stop by!

What makes your hangry?

E x

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  1. twenty says

    Nice to have favourite spots and nice discovering ‘new’ favourite spots.

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