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Grey Lady Grey: an #innovativebeauty poem


They say with age comes wisdom,
But what they forgot to mention,
Was that pesky grey hair comes too,

Blame stress and life drama,
Or even karma,
Besides pulling them out what else can you do?

If you don’t know Olia by Garnier,
Keep reading if you dare,
This hair dye is going to inspire you,

It’s simple, not messy,
And you won’t feel stressy,
Cos they make it quite easy, it’s true,

So many colours to choose from,
But I couldn’t go wrong,
Cos there is a colour for every side of you,

Violet was the one,
Inspired I’d become,
To brighten up my hair with the hue,

Add one bottle to the other,
Shake it up – no bother,
And cover your hair with the goo,

Kick back, make a cuppa,
You’ve got time to recover,
A moment to spend just on you,

Simple shower, wash it out,
And condition, there’s no doubt,
That you’ll fall in love with your fresh hair do,

Wear it high, wear it low,
Be creative, on show,
Because the grey hair will be covered – woohoo!

If ageing’s making you vocal,
Trot down to your local,
And try Olia by Garnier – the love is true…


E x

Thanks to Kidspot Voices of 2014 and sponsor Garnier I was invited to take part in the #InnovativeBeauty Challenge. This is my third and final post. I was gifted the Garnier Olia hair dye for the competition, but all opinions are my own. I’m such a fan I’ve used it three times now, bye bye grey hair! And it must have been good if I was inspired to write a poem. Wow. Apologies my friend, I’m no poet!


  1. twenty says

    Soooooo clever. Inspired to rush out and get some of that Garnier Dye.

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  3. Margaret Green says

    Yes but I would like to know were you really grey, it’s costing so much more now we’ve retired, so I really do need to find a product and colour that is good I’ve been blonde too long now and you can’t tell difference in regrowth at the front but the back is still reasonably dark,
    My hairdresser though great is useless cause she needs me to keep going back so you see I need. Help from some where so thought if start with you considering you write such good poems
    If you can’t help that’s ok just say so
    But thanks any way
    Margie. As I prefer to be called .

    • Hi Margie,
      I’m in my late 20s so I have the odd grey pop up every now and then (especially because I keep plucking them out)! So I did find the Olia perfect for coverage of the odd grey. I’ve never had a full head of grey so I’m not sure how it’d work for that hair situation – perhaps speak to your hair dresser, but I don’t think they’d recommend a box colour. Good luck x

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