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No more wisdom.

Warning, this post contains very unattractive selfies.

If you do not follow my Instagram you would have missed the news that I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed Friday. And hasn’t it been an awful few days. You hear the horror stories but until you’ve actually had it done you can’t really fathom it.

Everyone is different and I’ve heard of a few people being right as rain a day or two later but I’ve struggled. It’s such an uncomfortable time, and my head has been all over the place since. Might be the medication or the lack of real food, but I’ve been in lah lah land as of late and it’s been pretty surreal, haha. I’m very lucky that E has taken time off work to nurse me back to normal, and my Mum made a quick trip up from the country to make sure I was okay, but I’ve pretty much taken to the bed, as the chipmunk look is not too flash. Here are a few things I’ve learnt post wisdom teeth removal…

(Immediately after the op, a day later and two days later.)

1. Try not to laugh whilst recovering – this is a hard one as I love laughing and spend half my life having a giggle at something but I’ve now noticed how much jaw and mouth movement it actually takes to laugh and smile and how much it hurts to laugh when you’ve got lots of stitches in your cheeks. Ugh. I had to swap the Geordie Shore re-runs for not so hilarious drama whilst recovering.

2. As hard as you try to stop it, your face will bruise – I’m sporting two huge black marks on my chin and cheeks at present. It kind of looks like someone has punched me in the jaw. Ice packs have not stopped the bruising, and you’ve just got to accept it as part of the healing process. Thank god for makeup is all I’m thinking right now.

3. Ice cream is wonderful, but it is definitely possible to tire of it pretty quickly – I love ice cream, and I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be all ice creamed out, but after a few days of eating it for every second meal give me a burger please! I feel like this comment is blasphemy, but I’m sorry, I’ve had enough of squishy food.

4. As awful as you feel your partner is still going to laugh at you – E’s had to stop herself more than once from poking my chubby cheeks and laughing at my oddly shaped head. I don’t blame her, I didn’t even recognise myself when I got up the other morning – spooky!

5. Ice is fantastic for soothing the pain – load your drinks full of it. Or strap an icepack to your head, glamorous much.

6. Milk it for all it’s worth – it’s not every day you have an excuse to laze around like a sloth. I haven’t seen E cook or clean this much ever! It’s heavenly.

7. If you’re blogging whilst high as a kite on pain medication make sure you get someone to edit your work before publishing- they say not to make any rash decisions post anaesthetic either! Awkward!

8. Salt water is your friend – I’ve been swilling the salt water like there is no tomorrow. Gotta keep the wounds in my mouth clean, right? Plus if you’re a smoker like I am you must rinse after every cigarette (or try and quit but this hasn’t happened!)…

9. Soup makes everything better – this is a general rule for illness, nothing is as comforting as a nice bowl of soup. Thanks Mum!

10. Sleep as much as you can – I feel as if I’ve spent majority of the last few days in bed but I’m pretty sure it’s the main thing helping the healing process. Naps are the bomb, especially if you’re on strong pain killers like I’ve been.

What is your top tip for recovering post-op?

E x


  1. I had two out last year and it wasn’t pleasant at all. And mine were pretty straight forward too. I hope you’re feeling much better soon.

    • Thanks hun, I’m getting there! The swelling is finally subsiding and I’m nearly back to looking like a human again! Hahaha. Thanks for stopping by xx

    • Hahaha, as awful as it was I’m so glad I did it Amy… No more pain or headaches! One week on and I’m pretty much back to normal! YAY hahah. Thanks for stopping by xx

  2. Hope you’re healing up quickly! Mine grew out so thankfully didn’t have to experience that pain!

    • You’re so lucky Lila! One of mine grew out but at an awkward angle šŸ˜¦ Feeling ALOT better than I did this time last week, thanks for stopping by x

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