Frocktober 2014 – it’s a wrap!


It’s a wrap! Frocktober is over and as lovely as it was to raise awareness for ovarian cancer and get dolled up daily I can’t wait to get back into my jeans! Being the cheeky girl I am I missed the final day of Frocktober due to being a little busy getting my wisdom teeth removed, so thirty days of dresses it was and as soon as my head is back to normal and my face has gone down I’ll start doing the calculations for the donations heading to KimbaLikes and The Fashionable Mum.

One of the main questions I was asked via my blog Instagram page about Frocktober was how I found such good bargains in Kmart and Big W! My tip for you all out there is to try everything on! Some of my favourite cheap finds looked very different on the hanger to what they do on my bod, so don’t be scared ladies – if you see the potential, give it a go. You’re not going to know if you don’t take a second to try it on. Here is a wrap up of my Frocktober journey, here is hoping I’ve inspired you to firstly donate to your favourite charity and secondly to pull that dress out of the cupboard and rock it!


DAY 1: Peter Morrissey for Big W Print Wrap Dress – the quirky print is what drew me to this wrap dress. Purchased in my heavier days I just can’t seem to throw it away just yet, so throw a simple belt on and it’s good to go! I love Peter Morrissey’s Big W range – you can never go wrong with his pieces.

DAY 2: Kmart Bird Print Dress – I always seem to get a lot of compliments on this simple bird and floral print dress, and people seem pretty shocked when they find out it is from Kmart. Kmart is perfect for on-trend seasonal pieces, and with the low price tag you can buy a few! This day of Frocktober saw the weather turn so paired with a black cardigan I was good to go to work!

DAY 3: Revival Daisy Print Midi Dress – I found this gorgeous summer dress at Dangerfield last season and I couldn’t go past the lady like midi length and gorgeous floral print. I don’t own many midi dresses but I think this will have to change as they are so simple to throw on for a classy, girly look.


DAY 4: Vera Moda Graphic Print Floral Dress – another ASOS purchase, this simple drop waist dress has been in my cupboard for a few years now but again, I can’t get rid of it. It’s a thicker fabric so I can wear it with stockings in Winter for cooler days or without in Spring and Summer for those sunshine days.

DAY 5: Forever New Red Button Up Dress – working on a Sunday? I’d normally say no, but a few hours didn’t kill me. This Forever New dress is a favourite and paired with a vintage belt I felt quite the lady for my short shift at work.

DAY 6: Portmans Polka Dot Wiggle Dress – the day I managed to fit back into this dress after not being able to wear it for a good year or so was amazing! I love polka dots, and you know when you purchase a dress at Portmans it is of good quality. My friend K liked this dress so much she went out and got the same one – fashion scandal!

DAY 7: Dangerfield Striped Dress – Dangerfield is one of my favourite places to shop for vintage inspired frocks. There is nothing classier than a black and white combination and I loved the striped skirt on this dress. It’s a good one to twirl in!


DAY 8: ASOS Vintage Floral Dress – E says this dress reminds her of curtains but this has got to be one of my favourite dresses. There is just something about the cut on this one that is super flattering, and I love the vintage-esque fabric. A colleague stated this dress was “sensational” – hahahaha. Thanks!

DAY 9: Dotti Floral Dress – this dress is ancient. And by ancient I’d say probably like six years old, haha. That’s a long time for a Dotti cheapy to survive. I actually got this dress on sale for under $10 at Harbour Town all those years ago – it pays to check out outlets my friends.


DAY 10: Ally Navy Cut Out Dress – picked up from a friend at the Blogger Garage Sale way back when this was the first time I took this sailor inspired dress out to play. Anything cute and fun is perfect for a few champagnes with the girls and I’m surprised I hadn’t worn this one sooner.

DAY 11: Ally Purple Skater Dress – a hand me down from my little sister, I love a simple skater to throw on when you don’t have a lot of time to get ready in the morning. This pretty dress took my sister, Nanna and I out to breakfast early on a Saturday morning. Hand me downs are the bomb!

DAY 12: Jay Jays Floral Peter Pan Dress – a very hung over Emma in this snap, thank god for sunglasses. After a night out on the town with friends there is nothing better than throwing on a comfy dress to recover in, especially when it is as cute as this one. I never shop at Jay Jays but when I saw this dress in the window I had to have it – another tip friends, don’t be picky when it comes to stores, you can find gems everywhere!

DAY 13: Red Princess Highway Bow Dress – another Dangerfield find, this red dress will be worn and worn again in Summer. The cut is very feminine and great for hiding unwanted lumps and bumps. I only got this one recently so if you head to Dangerfield soon you may be able to scoop one up yourself!


DAY 14: Emily and Fin Cherry Print Dress – another new frock, I love Emily and Fin. I found this beauty on ASOS on sale and I couldn’t go past the fruit print, because we all know fruit is in for summer. I wore this dress out for E’s birthday dinner with my family, another perfect one to hide a post meal belly. Love it.

DAY 15: Oh Henry Vintage Dress – I love a ‘vintage’ dress and I’m pretty sure this one was once two different dresses, upcycled and put together to make one super cute dress! If you are looking for something a little bit different and left of field Oh Henry Vintage is a good place to look.

DAY 16: Princess Highway Sea Gull Print Dress – denim is a staple I can’t go past, and if you don’t own a denim dress get shopping! This is not your typical denim dress (think shirt style) but I loved the cute cut and fun print. Another Dangerfield find!


DAY 17: New Look T-Shirt Dress – a dress for those days when you’re feeling girly, but not too girly! I love the pink speckles in the fabric of this dress, I actually got it in Bali of all places at the New Look store.

DAY 18: Dotti Dog Print Dress– if you’re a blog follower you would have seen this dog print dress rocked more than once! I’ve had it for years but it is one of those dresses that I will not get rid of because the scotty dogs featured on the fabric are just too cute! Took this dress out for drinks with friends, with a leather jacket and stockings because it was so darn cold and rainy that night!

DAY 19: Vera Moda Print Dress – another ASOS purchase, once again I was drawn to the different print on this Vera Moda dress. The fabric is also quite silky and can be worn both day and night. As you can see I love ‘grunging’ up a pretty feminine dress with a leather jacket for a more casual look.

DAY 20: Ally Daisy Print Dress – there is nothing better than throwing on a cute dress after work. And there is nothing wrong with feeling pretty at home, right? Ally is really good for casual frocks, so if you’re looking for some summer fun pop down to your local store.


DAY 21: Kmart Royal Blue Wiggle – I am obsessed with this dress. I wish I had it in every colour. Yes, this is another Kmart bargain, and on the rack it looked a little sack-like but on it fits like a glove. Don’t be scared of colour guys, it can perk up the most colour-less of days!

DAY 22: Boohoo Sweetheart Skater Dress – what I love about having friends with the same style as me is if they buy something and it doesn’t fit properly it gets passed along! My lovely friend K (and photographer for a lot of these shots) passed this frock onto me because she didn’t fill the bust area of this sweetheart dress. One good thing about having big boobs, ahahah! This dress is brand spanking new so if you’re a fan you can grab one yourself at Boohoo.


DAY 23: Peter Morrissey for Big W Green Wrap – another wrap dress, this time in bright green! Paired with a cute belt and fun flats I was work ready. Every girl needs one!

DAY 24: Max C London Bird Print Dress– do I have a bird obsession or what? I’m not really a real bird fan but if you put them on a dress I have to have it! Unconventional bird print, yes please. Another ASOS find – I love ASOS because you can search for exactly what you want – if you want birds type it in and up they come!

DAY 25: Princess Highway Floral Tea Dress – another gorgeous summer floral favourite. I’m a little bit upset that this dress is a smidge too big these days, but that is just an excuse to go out and buy another one, right? Picked up at Dangerfield last season I just know they will something similar this year. Princess Highway know girly.


DAY 26: Vintage Floral Dress – picked up at the Polka Dot Vintage Market I love the high neckline of this feminine frock. Looking at the stitching I’m pretty sure it was a long gown back in the day, but I love the knee length and short sleeves. And one can never wear too many flowers in their hair!

DAY 27: Big W Striped Dress – mind my belly but I love a good structured dress, especially if it is striped! This dress is brand new and if you’re a fan I only payed about $25 for it at my local Big W. Paired with a fun Forever New belt I felt very nautical in this outfit.

DAY 28Kmart Red Dress – red is hot! I know I was only going to work but if you’re feeling sexy, just rock it! I love the shape of this dress, it’s perfect for those with a bit of a tummy (like me) as it skims the hips and the darts down the front create illusion.


DAY 29: Emerson for Big W Floral Dress – I’ve had this gorgeous print dress for about a year now but I’ve only recently fallen in love with it. I’ve actually pinned the collar down into a v-neck shape as the high neck wasn’t as flattering on me as it could have been. Don’t be scared to alter your clothes a little friends – two pins made this dress so much more than what it was!

DAY 30: New Look Print Dress – chilly weather calls for a boyfriend cardigan, and a fun print of course! Another New Look find in Bali, the OTT print was right up my ally. And this skater dress gave me plenty of room for chowing down on brunch with a friend. Gotta think of comfort hey?

A big thanks to E and my friends K and V for outfit snaps, all the gorgeous people who played along on Instagram and “liked” my pictures. It has been a great month, and I’ve rediscovered quite a few frocks that require more rotation in my wardrobe!

E x


  1. twenty says

    Great cause and great fun, just love the smokey blue / no sleaves with the thin red belt, the green wrap frock and the black and white stripe with black belt, all are lovely though. Well done !

  2. I think I need to hot foot it down to my local kmart miss! You’ve given me some summer inspo x

  3. ok making a run for Big W and Kmart when next near the city. Do you have a list of the online stores you buy from? We have moved to the country now and dress shopping is proving a little limited.

    • Hahaa! It can be hit and miss, but try everything on, you’ll be surprised! In terms of online I love ASOS – you can find heaps of brands on there including River Island, Vera Moda, Emily & Fin and others. Dangerfield online is awesome. The Iconic is good too! Boohoo is great too ☺️

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