Lunch Club: Casa Del Amici, Canning Vale


It’s not every day you have the chance to sit down to a decadent three course meal, and a birthday is a very good chance to do so! E’s sister S celebrated a milestone birthday a few weeks back so obviously we had to celebrate in style, and Casa Del Amici provided the goods.

The restaurant is quite simple, but the gorgeous Italian music floating through the spacious room added to the simplistic elegant vibe and as soon as we sat down I knew we were in for an experience as our waiter was a brilliant comedian of a man, and made the afternoon just that little bit more special. Wine flowing we scanned the menu, deciding on a few entrees to share – because you’ve got to try everything, right?

The first entree to grace the table was the Arincini Of The Day ($14.50). The three generous arincini smothered in a rich tomato sauce and sprinkled with fresh parmesan did not last very long amongst this hungry bunch. When cutting them open cheese oozed over the plate and the rice was soft and flavoursome. The Calamari ($19.50) was up next and it was melt in your mouth soft. No chewiness to be seen. Lightly battered and served with house made tartare sauce and lemon even the non-seafood fans were impressed with the simple dish. Our final starter was the Bruschetta ($12.50) and featured a mixture of fresh tomato, onion, garlic and herbs on perfectly toasted bread. The balsamic glaze drizzled over the dish was the perfect accompaniment.




Deciding on our mains saw the table spend a lot of time contemplating, particularly S who is pregnant and just loves food right now so she was very indecisive. When our waiter realised how much trouble she was having deciding between two dishes he stepped in and decided because A. it was her birthday and B. she was carrying “bumbino” that he’d bring her both dishes in smaller versions so she could taste both. Lucky lady! The first of her two dishes was the Pancetta Di Maiale Croccante ($34.50) or pork belly. Served with seasonal greens, mash and plum sauce the kitchen took extra care preparing the dish to make sure it was perfectly cooked as no one wanted to upset the new baby cooking in her belly. S was in heaven and demolished the crispy skinned dish. Her second main was the Spaghetti Marinara ($27.50) sporting plump fresh prawns and mussels, a rich tomato sauce and loads of chilli. I will admit she didn’t manage to consume both dishes but was kindly given a take away lunch box to take home. E has become a huge risotto fan as of late so she couldn’t go past the Risotto Funghi ($26.50). As you may know by now she is not a mushroom fan, but the dish must have been good because not one mushy was left on her plate. I tossed up between a few dishes, but finally decided on the Prawn and Bug Spaghetti ($29.50). I’ve been dying to try bug meat since it was splashed all over the TV on Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules, and now I know what they were raving about. The flesh was so soft and tasty, and went beautifully with the pesto and cognac sauce. The prawns were juicy and tender, bringing the entire dish together. Heavenly.



What is a birthday lunch without dessert? The birthday girl herself couldn’t fit it in but myself and two other party-goers couldn’t pass up the house made Berry Pannacotta ($10.50) with ice cream. The dessert was luxe. Creamy, smooth and not too sweet, the berries added a zing to the stunning dish. A, B and I were very impressed and really didn’t want to share with our friends, sorry guys! We left very full, very happy and needing a much need nap. Food coma! What is wrong with a little decadence every now and then? Nothing!


What is your favourite Italian dish?

E x

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  1. twenty says

    Can’t decided between risotto, buckwheat pancakes or pizzocheri (all homemade of course in a family members kitchen !!) The ristorante above looks greattttttttttt. Happy b’day S.

  2. Pietro says

    Heading there on Friday night with the Italian side of my extended family. I am so hoping the food is half decent. My beautiful Nonna has spoilt me with her Italian cooking and those long, soporific Sunday lunches that inevitably extend into afternoon tea and then dinner. The smell of freshly brewed stove-top coffee and amoretti biscuits takes me back to the languid Sundays of my youth. I miss you Nonna 🙂 Perhaps I can rediscover some of that time at Casa Del ‘Amici. ciao

      • Pietro says

        Twenty of us dined at Case Del Amici on Friday night to celebrate my stepsons’ (twins) 18th birthday. It’s a surprising, smart but casual venue, full of energy and vitality (Canningvale is not somewhere I would think to dine as I live around the corner from Albany Hwy Victoria Park) . The staff were friendly and efficient and the menu offered lots of options. We started with multiple serves of Bruschetta and Antipasti plates – all very nice, well presented, with clean fresh flavours. Following that, a few pizzas were ordered and devoured. Other mains that were ordered included Osso Bucco, grilled rib eye, various pastas including gnocchi and the special of homemade chicken ravioli with a light cream saffron sauce (my dish – very nice despite the rather rustic presentation). Tiramisu, Crème Caramel and Cannoli were devoured for ‘sweeties’. It was more upmarket food than my Nonna used to cook – bless her Aeolian soul. Thanks for the recommendation Illusive; I’d go back again to sample more of the menu. ciao

      • Even though it was more upmarket than the traditional fare you were so used to, I’m glad it was an enjoyable evening 🙂

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