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Wiping the slate clean


There is nothing better than a clean slate… literally. Fremantle’s beauty guru Kat of Peaches and Clean has recently rebranded her local skin care business which will now be known as Clean Slate.

Why relaunch an already successful brand? According to Kat it was the right time and her previous packaging didn’t do justice to what was inside her bottles and jars. “When I initially joined the MANY6160 project it was quite rushed and I just wanted to take time out to create something that was a bit more modern looking, something that matched the vision I always had for my products”, she says. “I also wanted to take away the feminine look to cater to the guys too”.




So why jump on the Clean Slate ride…? Three reasons. Vegan – tick. Ethical – tick. No animal testing – tick. That is the trifecta for me right there, especially when it comes to beauty products. Featuring slick new typography, the labels may have changed but the products are still the same gorgeous, natural beauty bits you’ve come to expect from the local brand. All products are made on sight, so you’re guaranteed that fresh local love. Remember that amazing coffee scrub I reviewed a few months back? Well that was one of Kat’s products, and if you remember correctly I was ready to bathe in the natural caffeine goodness. For real.

You can find Kat’s gorgeous range of products including soy candles, soap in every flavour and the special extras like pillow spray and beard oil at the home of Clean Slate, MANY6160 in Fremantle. Just in time for Christmas too! MANY6160 has extended trading hours for Spring and Summer, so you can pop in and visit Kat Wednesday to Sunday from 10AM to 5PM.


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