Is it just me or is life running so smoothly right now? In fact, I’ve been in the best mood lately and I have no idea why. Even work has been bearable. Sunshine, rainbows and the rest of that clichéd jazz, but life has been really good.

Post wisdom teeth removal I’m feeling so much better health wise. Who knew a few pesky teeth were the cause of constant headaches, jaw pain and generally feeling crap. As scared as I was about going in for the op I’m so relieved it is done and dusted. As I missed out an entire weekend of socialising and general tomfoolery whilst recovering I crammed a whole lot of social time into last weekend, and woke up Monday morning feeling drained as, but happy, because what is better than embracing your free time. Enough rambling about how nice life is, here’s a few snaps from the last few weeks.


1. Juice with my babe V at Subi’s coolest new hang, The Lion & Jaguar.
2. Pre wisdom teeth removal selfies… Clearly I was very unimpressed and slightly hangry.
3. Forgot how much I love living on the foreshore, I’ve had two visits there in the last week or so to kick back and relax.
4. Finally covering my desk wall space with beauty and inspiration.


5. Back on the afternoon shift work grind. I used to do a lot of evening work but it dropped right off for a while. Back into it again and I’m really enjoying the mixture of shifts. Just means I get to see a few lovely colleagues more often who I missed out on spending time with when I only did day shifts.
6. Weekend fun, with a flower crown of course!
7. Sprolo, I love you. It’s so nice to have a brand new coffee shop with amazing bagels a few minutes down the road.
8. Katy Perry live – amazing!!!!!! Too far away to take a good snap of the sexy goddess but it was just a brilliant evening.


9. Stalking my neighbourhood gardens. So beautiful.
10. A brilliant blogger evening with some lovely ladies at The Flour Factory.
11. Fairy bread for lunch at work. I know right. How cool are my friends!
12. Hanging out with this beautiful human.

And lately I’ve been…

READING: Paper Towns by John Green.

LISTENING TO: Woodkid, Sparkadia and The Neighbourhood.

WATCHING: Nothing… I’ve had no time for TV lately.

WEARING: Midi skirts, stripes and shiny shoes.

EATING: Fairy bread, amazing meals out and healthy dinners.

LOVING: My people.

HATING: Exceeding my phone data… Again.

BUYING: Coffee. And a lot of it. Zzzz.

What is the best thing that happened to you this fortnight?

E x


  1. I am glad you have felt so much better over the last 2 weeks. I had my wisdom teeth out during finals week when I was 18 and I was still in the process of getting my AA in Piano Pedagogy. I remember because my boy friend, at the time Mark, who ended up becoming my husband, had that done and eased my mind about having it done.
    I was in the agony you were, and though I looked like a chipmunk for a week, and was on pain killers, I felt worlds better.

    My name is Paulette L Motzko and I love your story so much I am going to reblog it on

    Have a great 2 more weeks and beyond!

    Paulette Motzko

      • Hello elusive femme…what is your name?
        I am here in Las Vegas, NV….where are you located?
        I love your photos.

        You would like 2 other blogs I created:


      • What a beautiful name Sunny. I love Australians. I have never been there, but want to go one day. That concert hall looks amazing…I think in Sidney.

  2. Reblogged this on Totally Inspired Mind… and commented:
    What have you been doing over the last 2 weeks or 14 days?
    Have you felt better?
    Have you accomplished something you never did.
    Did you have your wisdom teeth out like The Elusive Femme did, making her feel worlds better?
    Tell the great things you’ve been doing.

    Paulette L Motzko

  3. twenty says

    You’ve certainly had a mixed and busy fortnight,,,,,,so happy for you that those wisdom teeth are gone !

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