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In with the new.

You find inspiration in everything. A song on the radio, scrolling through your Instagram feed, walking past a beautiful garden. All of those things tend to spark inspiration for me, but lately I’ve been finding it in people.

Confession time. I find people fascinating. Or as the brilliant Sylvia Plath put it, “I love people. Everybody. I love them, I think, as a stamp collector loves his collection. Every story, every incident, every bit of conversation is raw material for me.”

I’ve been reflecting on my past and present friendships lately as I’ve recently had some brilliant times with old friends and even made a few new friends! It’s been a while since I’ve really sat down and gotten to know new people and I forgot how much I love it. Once upon a time I was the girl with a million friends, the one who knew just about everyone, a bit of a social butterfly. That has slowly faded over the years, and nowadays I keep a close circle of beautiful kindred spirits. But lately I’ve re-fallen in love with getting to know new souls. Delving in and finding out what really makes them tick. I blame my extroverted personality and journalistic background but I find people captivating and I just want to know more and more. Especially when you come across new people who you feel like you were meant to meet for some reason or another… you don’t know why or how but it just works. It is so refreshing to introduce new sparks into your life and you have no idea how much you can learn about yourself and the world from new people until you let them in.

My love of people stems to my workplace too. Working in a hospital is a people watching dream. I think one of the reasons I don’t really get bored at work is the ever changing circle of bodies moving in and out. Some of my most interesting work conversations have been shared with elderly patients. One conversation that has always stuck in my mind was a full blown chat with an old man about books. He’d been reading on his Kindle all morning and when I stopped past his cubicle to get some clerical details I ended up sitting on the end of his bed and talking words for as long as I could. I’m sure my boss was wondering where I’d gotten to, but I wasn’t going to leave him mid discussion. It was fascinating to see him light up as he explained the plot of his current read. It was as if his illness had disappeared for a few minutes as we spoke. I didn’t really want to go back to my desk.

E’s very different. She has her circle of friends, all very much like her. They’ve been friends for years, and people have come and gone from their group, but the solid few have stuck around. They’re a gorgeous little group. It’s amazing how they bounce of each other. It may be that majority of her pack are more introverted, but they are quite happy sticking to themselves. There is nothing at all wrong with that, some people cringe at the idea of meeting new people. I don’t get it, but everyone is different. Granted I still get nervous when I meet new people… Awkward, fidgety. It’s a given. But once you get past that awkward stage you’re in for the good stuff! Who knows what’ll happen. You could come across someone you’re destined to meet. Remember everything happens for a reason!

Are you a people person? Or do you prefer to stick with your own crowd?

E x


  1. thestylewithin says

    I’m awkward and fidgety and suck at small talk! Other than that I’m totally awesome haha. I really enjoyed this Em, like you I think everyone you meet comes into your life for a reason regardless of how long they stick around. I’m actually quite introverted but getting better as I get older, I tend to worry less now about what people will think of me! xx

    • You are totally awesome hun! Hahaha. I think I’m getting to that point too where I’m not fussed if people don’t like me. I’m comfortable in myself so I understand that not everyone is meant to be friends. x

  2. twenty says

    Good post Em, some are comfy with old friends and yet you can meet someone new who seems like a lifelong buddy, its strange but I guess its good to have the solid faithful bunch plus time with new and interesting people who have something to offer one way or the other. I really like the snippet about you stopping to sit with the patient and talk ‘books’. That’s really nice.

  3. I’ve never been a chatty, people person and always admired those folks who can swan into a room full of strangers and plunge right into hearty conversations. I’m not one of them but I find myself attracted to them. This is far better than the narcissists I was attracted to in school. I figured I’ve needed them, though, to teach me, firstly, to like myself more (in school) and to open up more (now).

    • So true Lilybett / the confident spirits seem to attract a lot of attention. Probably something to do with all the energy they are oozing! It is great to hear you have learnt things from both of the types of people you have in your life! Change and growth can be wonderful. xx

  4. I am a natural introvert, who has learned to be an extrovert. When I say to people that “I am naturally shy”, they find it hard to believe. But, what is stems from is understanding what it is like to feel awkward in a social situation and not wanting others to feel the same anxiety. And, I agree, it is good to step out of your comfort zone and get to know someone who you think is entirely different – they will surprise you but thinking the same way on some things.

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