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Lusting Over: Madame Flavour Tea


“Dear kindred spirit,

The making of this tea has been somewhat of an experience, let me tell you about it…”

Opening the box of tea I wasn’t expecting to find the kind of letter you write to an old friend or lover, but after I read the inspired words it made me love my cup of tea even more.

Madame Flavour is a small Australian tea company that is not only focused on creating beautiful blends, but also on what comes with sitting down with a fresh cup of tea. Memories, reflection, a few minutes of silence. The little things that would normally be taken for granted. I’m a tea addict, but it is that short period of time when you sit down with a cuppa and take time out for yourself that you really appreciate even the smallest things.

The latest MF flavour I’ve purchased and can’t get enough of is the Raspberry, Hibiscus and Tisane. It’s zingy, refreshing and not too overly sweet. It’s my after lunch treat at work, and I can’t wait to brew the gorgeous blend in my polka dot mug. It’s one thing that will get me through the afternoon grind. The amount of people who have stopped by my desk to find out exactly what I’m drinking is hilarious too! One visitor swore they could smell jelly crystals when I was waiting for it to brew. Think again my friend! I’m obsessed. I also love to let the tea go cold and enjoy it iced! Madame Flavour herself had it right when she said small things make a difference. Taking a second to sit and enjoy the moment is better than anything.

The range includes liquorice, mint and lavender and a special breakfast blend, so next time you’re at the supermarket keep it local. You can thank me later.

What is your favourite tea flavour?

E x


  1. twenty says

    Still like good ol Earl Grey……………………but there are many nice new teas these days.

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