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The Flour Factory, Perth


WHO: Perth foodies, bloggers and a few special guests / WHAT: The Flour Factory taster night / WHEN: November 11 / WHERE: The Flour Factory, Queen Street, Perth / WHY: To discuss all things meat, wine and dessert!

Tuesday nights normally involve dinner with my lady, pyjamas as soon as I get home and some crappy reality TV, but last Tuesday night I ventured out of the house (and my post work routine) to new kid on the meat and bread block, The Flour Factory. Paying homage to the heritage building (it was once a flour mill), Andy Freeman (of Darling’s Supper Club and Varnish On King) and business partner Sam Astbury have many ideas for the space, and I’m keen to see what else is in store for the Queen Street eatery. A little bit of fresh baked bread, a whole lot of charcuterie and an impressive cocktail and wine list, the boys are promising even more in the new year. Does it get any better?

A mixture of fashion, lifestyle and of course food bloggers gathered to discover all the goodies Andy and his team had to offer. Sipping on signature cocktails the Cobble and Sgroppino, we enjoyed the fresh evening breeze on the terrace, soaking up the hip vibes of the place. After a small discussion on where Andy would like to see his latest venture progress we dived into share plates of meaty goodness, including the head bacon (de-boned pig stuffed with house bacon and bratwurst), lambcetta and house smoked bacon. One word, amazing! I like meat as much as the next (non-vego) person, but I’d never tasted anything so fresh and flavoursome. I went into this tasting with an open mind as I was little taken aback at the idea of eating the likes of tongue and stuffed pig head, but everything was so damn good I forgot what I was eating and just enjoyed the experience. A spread of luscious cheeses accompanied the delicate meats, and worked beautifully with our cocktails.



We were also taken aback by how the simple hot dog can be so much more. We sampled two mini hot dogs, The Choripan featuring house made chorizo, chimmichurri and crispy onions and The Brat, a bratwurst sausage with homemade sauerkraut and dill pickle. I couldn’t choose which one I enjoyed more. The mini rolls were soft and fresh and enveloped the rich, tasty sausages. The chorizo was slightly spicy and worked beautifully with the chimmichurri while the bratwurst packed a punch and left me wanting more. I will never look at a hot dog the same way again!



A tasting isn’t complete without dessert, and The Flour Factory put on a spread! Being slightly full from our decadent starter and mains, I had to choose wisely. I thought the decision would be complicated until I noticed macaroons on the table – but they weren’t your usual dainty treats. Let me introduce you to the mac-clair, a macaroon/eclair hybrid. I know right? This is one of those desserts you dream about and The Flour Factory’s dessert dude Brendan Owens is on point in the sweet stakes. Mmmm. You know it’s a good evening too when you’re given even more sweets to take home… Of course I made room for a second dessert!

Are you a fancy meat fan?

E x

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  1. twenty says

    Well this place looks absolutely fabulous………….love the look of those little hotdogs. You are lucky to get to try out all these delicious treats ! Once upon a time all parts of a beast were utilised meal wise and I’m glad to see it coming back into vogue, waste not , want not !!

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