Christmas is a month away. I’m in pure shock. If anyone is able to tell me how and why the year has gone so quickly I’ll give you a prize. I’m not prepared at all. I’ve purchased zero gifts, haven’t organised a Christmas dress and really hope the month of December plods by. E’s almost finished her shopping, she knows exactly what she’ll be preparing on the day for dessert and she’s getting excited. I envy her organisation skills and time management. Guarantee I’ll be one of those crazy Christmas Eve shoppers trying to find the perfect gifts for my loved ones. Help!

In all seriousness though I’m amazed at how I’ve managed to cram so much into the year, but it’s been very worth it. As you probably all know I’m off to Melbourne on Friday to wrap up one brilliant part of the year for me, the Kidspot Voices Of 2014 blogging competition. Too excited to meet my fellow nominees, have a few too many drinks and celebrate a wonderful year of blogging. If you’re heading to the gala please come say hello, I’ll be the one in the blue dress with the deer in headlights look on my face, haha! This fortnight has been full of music, good food, laughter and time with my favourite people (as it should be), take a look at my last two weeks.


1. Cupcake feast with my Mum on her recent visit to the city. Sherbet cupcakes to be exact!
2. Little Sister & I at my Nanna’s 70th birthday celebration.
3. Gorgeous Spring blooms.
4. Saw the cute as a button Thelma Plum in Fremantle this fortnight. If you get the chance to see her, do it! She’s fantastic live!


5. Love notes at work from my favourite coffee shop girl, haha.
6. Brunch date with my new friend S at The Raw Kitchen in Freo. Another place to get onto my friends.
7. Grey skies and Alfred Hitchcock – the Cygnet Theatre in Como is lovely.
8. Girls in the sunshine – I had a lovely morning at the annual Jacaranda Festival with my friends S, F & C.


9. Macaron’s for everyone. Tasting treats at Darling’s Supper Club. Look out for my blog post featuring this Northbridge eatery soon.
10. My friend and fellow blogger, the gorgeous Demelza and I at a recent event.
11. View from the top.
12. Rainy days equal soft pants and tea.

And lately I’ve been…

READING: Girl 43 by Maree Giles.

LISTENING TO: Thelma Plum, Dustin Tebbutt and Gossling.

WATCHING: Beauty and the Geek, hahaa.

WEARING: Casual everything, polka dots and embellished flats.

EATING: Loads of tuna, fruit and nuts and healthy dinners.

LOVING: Feeling inspired.

BUYING: Nothing – I’m being cheap for my holiday!

Are you ready for Christmas?

E x


  1. Though i too cant believe time has gone by so fast im more than ready for xmas!! 😉

  2. twenty says

    Not ready for Christmas yet but really looking forward to it, I LOVE Christmas.

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