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The Pursuit Of Happiness


I’m very grateful when I say this, I don’t get upset too often. I tend to get over things pretty quickly, and I can honestly say I don’t have a lot to complain about. We all have our days, and things are going to get you down in life, but I find myself trying my hardest to push past the bitterness and get back to the good stuff. I don’t see the point in allowing things to get me down – why waste time being upset and angry? This year is my year of happy. I want to be inspired, learn new things, explore, discover and enjoy every day. So when the little things do get me down, I stop and think – will this matter tomorrow, or next week or will it even exist in my memory ten years from now. There is no point in dwelling.

One of my friends asked me a few weeks back what I was grateful for coming into 2015. I’m not very good at explaining myself at the best of times so I had to stop and have a think about the question before I answered. It’s a simple question, but one that really gets you thinking about the last 12 months. After pondering the idea for a short amount of time, besides the usual suspects of being grateful for a roof over my head, a job I enjoy (most of the time), good health and beautiful people in my life, in 2014 I was most grateful for all the goings on and circumstances that arose where I had to really push myself. In doing so I learn more about who I am as a person by the way I handled said situations. As tough as life can be sometimes I truly believe everything happens for a reason. Clichéd, but true. How else do we grow and learn.

But of course things are going to occur in your life that you have no control over. Life can be a bitch and lately I’ve been struggling a little bit. Our fur baby has been missing for a few weeks now. The thought of not knowing where she disappeared to is the hardest thing. And the unknown can be pretty scary. We’ve done everything we can do. The council has been harassed, our street and surrounding roads have been littered with her details and every pet related store, vet clinic and shelter has been informed. Who knows, she may just saunter back to our front door one day after a long kitty adventure, but it’s an awful feeling. Pets are part of the family, and I really didn’t expect this to happen. And to be honest it’s really gotten me down as of late. Down in dumps, emotional eating unhappy. I’m forcing myself to believe she’s busy on an adventure. And she will be back. Got to focus on a positive, right?


But for those times when you can’t get out of your head or remember how much you have to be grateful for, here are five things I do to clear my mind when things get tough. Hopefully they’ll help you too.

1. Dance my butt off

There is nothing more exhilarating than turning your music up LOUD and shaking your ass and dancing your worries away. If you’re a spritely young thing (unlike myself) go out dancing. Or if you’re not that kind of person just crank up your tunes in your lounge. Dance until you don’t care about whatever was worrying you. My hybrid twerk/Beyoncé move is my favourite.

2. Drive

Anywhere. Without a purpose. Once again music is involved – turn up your favourite station and let the music drown out your thoughts. I love Triple J, it’s the perfect mix of chilled out and upbeat tracks. I find driving at night particularly calming, something about the open roads and still air. If the beach is nearby it is very soothing for the mind and soul to breathe in the salty air.

3. Call a friend

If something is getting you down talking about it can be really helpful. Sometimes it can be hard to let it all out, but you never know, your friend may have the answer you are looking for. And even if they don’t, letting it out feels so good. If you don’t want to discuss your problems with your friends for whatever reason, writing the issue down can be a good release. Just let it out.

4. Confront the issue

This can be a little bit scary, but if you’re anything like me I over think EVERYTHING, and if I don’t sort out whatever is getting me down I’m certainly going to over process it all. If you are having trouble with a friend be the bigger person and try and get it sorted. If work is getting you down find the root of the issue and discuss it with your boss. Sometimes the problem will just fizzle out but it can be better for your mental health to step up and fix things. If you sit on things they’re just going to grow bigger and bigger.

5. Get pretty

If I look good I feel good. Some of my grumpiest days at work are those where I’ve skipped the mascara that morning, or worn an outfit that just doesn’t make me feel comfortable or nice. Red lipstick is one of my favourite fashion uppers. There is something about a bright smile that gets me smiling again. Even if you’re only going to the supermarket, dress up! And don’t do it for anyone else – do it for you.

What were you most grateful for in 2014? What’s stressing you out lately? What do you do to get yourself out of a funk?

E x


  1. twenty says

    Nice write up. Life = up and down. Get through the tricky bits and smile when you’re on the up.

    Hope your cat comes back soon. Note the story about the dog on the news last night who got home after two hundred odd days. Always hope.

  2. I love taking a long drive down the coast – if I’m feeling frazzled there’s something about the beach that just calms me too. West Coast Drive through Trigg and all the way down to Hillarys is a particular favourite drive of mine. Crossing my fingers that your fur baby comes back to you soon!

    • There really is just something about the salt air! Thanks for the well wishes love, i am still hopeful she will come home to us x

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