Summer Shades: beauty musings of a non-beauty blogger


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again- I’ve certainly never claimed to be a beauty blogger. I couldn’t tell you the difference between BB cream and CC cream (but I do love my BB), I’m a failure with an eyeshadow brush (I keep my lids au naturale) and I don’t think I even have a concealer stick (awkward). But I do own enough bright lipstick to set up shop and I love a girly haul, so that justifies my post today. I love makeup and I wish I had the patience to learn more about the art, but for now I’ll stick to what I know.

In the warmer seasons I find myself wearing less makeup and keeping it simple, as I struggle with a hundred layers of product in the heat. Give me a pop of bright lip colour and a fruity scent and I’m good to go! Here are my Summer favourites – if only I could add a scent to this post, it would smell like sunscreen and fruit salad.


1. Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in Lav-endure ($4)

I’m a huge fan of pastel colours, particularly pastel blue (the colour of my bike) and shades of pastel purple, so this Covergirl lavender nail polish is one of my favourite Summer pedicure options. I’m not the best with a nail polish brush (think missed patches and painting all over my skin) but the smaller brush makes life a lot easier for unco-ordinated nail “artists” like me. The polish glides on so easily making it extremely hard to make a mistake. I always go for a double coat on my toenails so they really pop! This colour is pretty rare to find (I’ve had it for a while) so if you don’t like an online shopping challenge various other brands have similar colours including Revlon.

2. Garnier Miracle Skin Cream ($19.99)

I don’t know what I did before I discovered Garnier Miracle Skin Cream, because it really is a miracle. How is it so miraculous you ask? Well, the cream self-adjusts to your skin tone in one easy swipe. It applies on like any regular cream but as you rub the product into your skin you can see it changing colour in front of your eyes, matching to your skin tone. Magic! I’ve worn the product on numerous occasions and it’s the perfect day cream when you want that smooth, luminescent look without a full face of makeup. I actually wore the miracle cream to Southbound Festival, and because it is SPF 15+ I didn’t even get the tiniest bit sunburnt, plus my skin looked pretty damn smooth! The cream also has anti aging elements, and while I know I’m only in my twenties, it’s never too early to start a preventive regime.

3. Maybelline Super Stay 14HR Lipstick in Keep Me Coral ($19.95)

I adore bright lip colours, and what drew me to the new Maybelline Colour Stay was the vibrant pop tone. I have too many lipsticks, but this particular colour was one I’d been searching high and low for for months, so it was a completely justifiable purchase. The lipstick is advertised as being perfectly pouty for 14 hours, and I was keen to test the theory at work last week. It certainly did not hang around for that amount of time, and I found myself reapplying after about three hours (and a mid morning snack). This didn’t put me off though – the banging colour trumps reapplication!

4. The Body Shop Born Lippy in Watermelon ($5.95) and Glazed Apple Perfume ($29.95)

I’m a Body Shop addict, and I think the main reason I’m obsessed with the eco-friendly brand is the fresh, fruity flavours and scents. Both of these Body Shop products happened to be Christmas presents, the lipgloss from a relative and the perfume from my babe.

I’ve been obsessed with the Born Lippy lip balm since way back in the day. I used to buy them whenever I was in the city as a teenager, my favourite being the Passion Berry. They glide on so easily, and the light fruity smell is so good. I also love the subtle glint they leave on your lips without a sticky or greasy feeling. The perfect hand bag lip balm for any time of day!

As soon as I smelt the limited edition Glazed Apple perfume, I knew I had to stock up, because I could tell this fragrance would be a popular one. I usually wear the Japanese Cherry Blossom scent, but I think I’ve found a new favourite in the sweet, mouthwatering apple. It smells like lollies, and I’ve actually had colleagues ask me where I was hiding my candy stash. Telling them it’s actually just my perfume is starting to get a little old, but hey, anything lolly scented is going to be good! It’s not too sickly sweet either, with a crisp undertone to balance the sugar. Although the product is now sold out online, you may still be able to find it in store, or they do have a snazzy essential oil or room and body scent in the same flavour. On nom nom.

What are your Summer beauty essentials?

E x


  1. twenty says

    Like yourself, I love the lippy. Its a must, summer and winter and in between. Mascara and Lippy.

  2. I love the polka dot background in this pic. Is this your wall paper? I’m a fan of Body Shop fruity fragrances too!! šŸ Have a fab Friday! šŸ˜ƒ

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