Taking Stock 06


I’m a list maker by nature. My “reminders” application on my phone is filled with a million random bits and pieces I need and want to get around to doing, so I always enjoy sitting down and writing a mini reflection list in the form of “Taking Stock”. It’s funny to think about what I’ve been up to lately (my poor frazzled mind) and it’s even funnier to read back on posts of this variety in the future. One thing I’ve noticed I’ve written about more than once is how much I need a holiday. Perhaps I should be planning one instead of just writing about it. But for now I’m broke and tired, so blog post it is.

Making: decisions.

Cooking: Asian chicken salad. Do yourself a favour and make it!

Drinking: sparkling water, and I’m obsessed with my new coffee machine I got for Christmas!

Reading: Girl 43 by Maree Giles.

Wanting: a cuddle, hahaha.

Looking: forward to my upcoming trip down south for my Dad’s birthday. I miss home!

Playing: Aunty Em, E’s sister had her baby late last week!

Deciding: what to eat for dinner – there is nothing in the house, again!

Wishing: I had a holiday coming up… What I need to do is get off butt and book some time off!

Enjoying: the air conditioning, this Summer heat is melting me!

Waiting: for the weekend, lots of fun things planned!

Liking: the gorgeous artwork at Gusto Gelato by Perth illustrator Mekel. Swoon!

Wondering: about a lot of things, I’m always wondering.

Loving: sunshine, spending time with my pretty head friends, baby Mia, frozen Sprite and all the fun things popping up in my inbox!

Pondering: what I can do with my hair… I’m getting bored again!

Considering: ordering a pizza… Hahaha.

Watching: Neighbours. Don’t judge!

Hoping: all of the difficult things happening in my world at the moment work out for the best.

Marvelling: at the fact I have to vote this week, do I really want to live in “South Park“, ugh!

Needing: a cold shower!

Smelling: one of the neighbours cooking dinner… Um, where’s my invite?

Wearing: my staple blogging uniform – pajamas! So glam.

Following: @thewafflewizards on IG – check out my little bro’s foodie venture if you’re a fan of waffles!

Noticing: a lot of interesting quirks in people.

Knowing: my tummy is rumbling.

Thinking: about things I’d like to be doing with my life, and how I can achieve them.

Feeling: hungry!

Admiring: this girl @carlyfindlay another inspiring woman to keep your eye on.

Sorting: out my jewellery drawer, do I even wear half of this stuff?

Buying: another haul from ASOS including this amazing floral dress.

Getting: lazier as the seconds pass – where’s my motivation?

Bookmarking: new blogs.

Disliking: how stressed work has made me lately.

Opening: a coconut water.

Giggling: at my friend K’s text messages.

Snacking: on tuna and crackers!

Coveting: this dress.

Wishing: I had a clone sometimes.

Helping: look after E’s lovely nieces and nephew.

Hearing: Sia – Elastic Heart


What are you considering right now?

E x


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