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Brunch Club: The Sarapan, Victoria Park


It’s only open two days a week. It shares a home with a few other foodie ventures. It’s a concept cafe filled with love and delicious eats. Intrigued? So was I. And that it why I recently had to keep a weekend morning free to visit The Sarapan in Victoria Park.

The most interesting thing about Vic Park’s latest Malaysian breakfast joint is it’s a pop up cafe, only appearing every weekend from 8-2PM then packing up and disappearing again until the following week. The cafe shares a space (and the rent) with a few other eateries making it one of those spots you just have to visit – because who knows how long it’ll be around for? My adventurous foodie pal L was the perfect brunch date as she had no qualms about trying something completely left of field. We met bright and early, and I’m glad we did because any later and we would have had to wait for a table. The tiny once-cottage was full to the brim with diners discovering the elusiveness of the two day a week cafe.



Although the Malaysian dishes on the menu looked scrumptious (I had major food envy as the Roti Canai floated by), I was very intrigued to try the Potato Rosti and Smoked Salmon ($16), served with sous vide eggs, avocado, roasted tomato and hollandaise sauce. I’m a huge fan of the sous vide method of cooking, and my eggs were cooked to perfection. After a pretty awful rosti experience at a cafe the day before I was a little paranoid about home made rosti, but The Sarapan had it down. Crispy and light, the rosti were the perfect base to a wonderful, flavour packed dish. The freshness of the salmon and avocado worked perfectly with the richness of the egg and I was so impressed. The dish was beautifully presented and I was one happy diner. L opted for the Mushrooms Gremolata ($14), a large serving of mixed sautéed mushroom on crostini, with light ricotta and sous vide eggs. L demolished her breakfast, stating she’d dream about the mushrooms. They did look amazing.

Whilst most diners were sipping on Teh Tarik (pulled milk tea), L and I went with iced tea. Whilst the drinks menu is slightly lacking, we were too into our food to really care about the limited liquid choices. The staff were lovely and very accommodating and I didn’t see one frown amongst them. Friendly staff really do help to make a place and I’d go back to the cafe purely for the hospitality of the team.



If you decide to head out to brunch this weekend I can’t recommend The Sarapan enough. Westernised or Malaysian, both options are there for you. But how will you make such a complex decision? With such decent prices you could probably order both!

How do you feel about pop up shops and cafes? Do you wish they would hang around forever?

E x

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  1. twenty says

    The food looks great and what a novel idea,,,these pop up places seem to be all the go and a great way to start up a business (sharing rent) till you have the demand and can possibly open full time.

  2. thestylewithin says

    Wow the food looks delish Em! I would never have thought Malaysian for breakie!

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