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I’ve been feeling so uninspired this past week and a bit. I normally run at a hundred miles an hour but lately my head has been going at a million miles an hour and I’m finding it really hard to focus on the blog, let alone the other bits of my life. And I’ve been procrastinating. A lot. I spent majority of my uni career avoiding things I needed to complete, and since I graduated a few years back I weaned myself out of the bad habit, so I’m feeling pretty cheeky that I’ve slowly allowed that bad habit back into my life. My phone has been permanently attached to my hand lately and the amount of time I’ve wasted “scrolling” when I could of been completing other tasks is ticking me off. As a blogger I’m constantly on my phone for “research” purposes, jotting down ideas, making notes when inspiration (does) strike and keeping up with the latest, but aimless scrolling is doing me no favours. I’m kind of getting sick of seeing my mobile to be honest!

Want to know what else I’ve done to avoid sitting down and blogging…

1. I did the dishes, and I hate doing dishes.
2. I dusted the furniture, another very non-Emma job.
3. I cooked dinner (without complaining, which never happens).
4. I’ve already chosen an outfit to wear to work tomorrow, when normally I just pull on whatever I see first on my rack.
5. I even watched an episode of How I Met Your Mother with E (and I don’t really like the show at all, gasp!).

I stumbled across this kooky article about getting back into it when writers block strikes (procrastinating my procrastination). To sum it up some of the tips were pretty wacky, including “swear like a pirate” (umm, E might be a little bit concerned I’d lost the plot) or chug some caffeine (I’ve had enough already today), but the point that resonated most was sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, and in this case I’m struggling a little with inspiration so I’m going to write about it. Forced blogging is the worst – you can feel the inauthenticity oozing from the page. It’s really not enjoyable reading those kinds of posts, and I’m sure you guys feel the same.

So today’s serve is a little bit random and a teeny bit ranty, but the “real” Emma is the biggest over thinker and a (tiny) bit dramatic, so you’re seeing a bit more of me today. I’m sure I’ll find my mojo again soon, once I let the pent up issues in my mind evaporate. It’s only normal. We cannot be on point all the time.

A friend also suggested I stop and reflect, so that’ll be next on my to do list… once I stop phone scrolling of course.

I know this is just a phase and I’ll find my head again soon, but I’m putting it out to you guys, how can I blog when I can’t even clear my head right now? How do you find inspiration when you’re feeling generally uninspired?

E x

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  1. twenty says

    Everyone needs a moment here or there to just breathe.

  2. OMG, I can so relate to this Em! You did such a wonderful job of articulating this dilema – when I have had this problem in the past, I couldn’t even write it out, I still have a draft post sitting there unfinished. But this doesn’t just relate to blogging, some weeks, even months THIS IS MY LIFE! So, one thing I do is put my phone down, not easy as my brain waves keep telling me to pick it up! Cognitive behaviour therapy, get into a new habit, like going for a walk instead. If you catch yourself scrolling mindlessly, do something else you like to do. Get yourself some cute Kiki.K stationery and go old skewl, write a letter to a friend or write your shopping list. Let yourself do those things, you labelled as procrastinating, they sounded like nice relaxing and rejuvenating things to do. Be kind to yourself. Let inspiration come to you, look for the small things. As for the busy mind, sometimes I just have to ride the wave until it gradually disapates. But doing all of the above really does help. Love your work Em! Therapy session overrr… Haha! 🌻

    • This is brilliant. As frustrating as it can be it has given me a chance to reflect on me and what i can and can’t do in my life. Balance is my issue… I love the idea about creating new habits!!! Another excuse to get some KikkiK stationary – one can never have enough. Thanks so much for your kind words xx

  3. My girls went back to school this week and normally this is my week to get super organised and on top of things but I’ve been feeling much like you and slightly overwhelmed for not good reason. I’m looking forward to doing absolutely nothing this weekend but catching up with my little family.

  4. Oh gosh forced blogging IS the worst … but what I’ve found (on looking back over all my forced blogging efforts from last year) is that the posts that at the time seemed really unsatisfying and a bit shit … well they (for the most part) actually weren’t. It’s very hard when we’re feeling uninspired though, we never feel like we’re hitting the mark.

    • I can be so critical on myself Kel! But you’re right – even this post irked me at the time, but it really isn’t THAT bad!!! I think I need to be less hard on myself!

  5. Oh gosh, yeah! The weeks where I’m unorganised and struggling to think of what to write about and busting my butt just to get tomorrow’s blog post up – they are the shittest weeks. But we get through them, day by day. And it doesn’t mean they won’t happen again, but we get better at recognising them and knowing they too shall pass. Be kind to yourself lovely. Have a break if you need. Get out and live life. Inspiration will strike, I promise. x

    • Thanks doll! I did just that over the weekend, spent some time with my family and somehow that did really help me. 🙂 It is funny how the smallest things can inspire. I’m glad I am not the only one who lets it get to me. Xoxox

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