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Juice Cleansing: A Beginner’s Guide


Whilst I didn’t really over indulge on Christmas goodies over the festive period the last few weeks of my life have been pretty stressful (I’m okay, don’t worry) and unfortunately I’m a bit of comfort eater. Hello carb party. I haven’t managed to stick to my usual semi-healthy food routine as of late and this probably contributed to a low immune system and catching a summer flu a couple of weeks back. And when you’re used to seeing the number on the scales slowly tick backwards it’s a bit of a nasty surprise to see them climbing back up again. So I had to do something about it. And fortunately The Juicist came to my rescue.

I’m on a bit of a mission for mind and body wellness this year. Not specifically weight loss as such but being the best me and giving my body and mind exactly what it needs to flourish. And what is better for you than fresh fruit and vegetables?

The Juicist is a Perth based cold pressed juice gang, focused on farm to table culture and sourcing the best and freshest organic produce. Get this, the fruit and veg I consumed on my cleanse was picked, packed and pressed the night before I received it – can it get any fresher? As well as supporting local farmers, The Juicist is all about sustainability and taking care of our environment, which is very important in my eyes.


As someone who’d never tried a juice cleanse before (and loves food), I went with The Yogi Midweek Cleanse ($55) and opted for the one day choice. Perfect for beginners, the one day cleanse features six mixed juices and optional kombucha (I opted no). You are allowed to drink water and eat plant based foods if you’re starving, but I wanted to give it my all and dived right in. I’m not sure if Sunday was the best day to do a cleanse, but I now know for the future it’d be easier to complete midweek when you’re working and can’t go out to eat.

On this day I got up quite early, eager to get into my first juice of the cleanse. I decided on the green G1 juice to start the day. They suggest you drink it chilled and very slowly, so I did just that. I don’t normally eat breakfast, but it was so good to start the day with a fresh, uplifting juice. The G1 is filled to the brim with leafy greens, zucchini, celery, lemon and apple. I really noticed the bite from the celery and lemon, and I felt instantly energised.



E conveniently started making toast as I cracked my first juice, but luckily she burnt it so I really wasn’t jealous of her breakfast.

When 10AM came around I was starting to get a little peckish and I was also craving my morning coffee. But no coffee allowed when you’re cleansing, so I had my second juice of the day, the O1, or orange, carrot and turmeric. I loved the kick in this juice. And we all know the health benefits of turmeric (anti-inflammatory), so adding it to your juice is the perfect way to get that immunity kick in disguise.

I will admit I got a slight headache around the mid day mark, but I’d say that was related to caffeine withdrawals. I rely heavily on coffee to get me through the day and I’m surprised that I wasn’t asleep on the couch come late afternoon. Maybe I don’t need as much coffee as I thought I did. My lunch time G1 filled my belly, and I embraced the Sunday sunshine with a visit to my siblings place.

As the afternoon wore on I found it easier to kick on with the juice, trying the R1, or apple, carrot, beetroot and lemon. This red concoction had to be my favourite juice of the cleanse. It was sweet and full of beet, making for a “dessert” style juice perfect for those sweet cravings.

My tips for beginners trying a one day cleanse:

– avoid heading out to anywhere food related, if you love food as much as I do it you may just crack!

– keep busy – I got a lot of blogging done which distracted me from thinking about what I could be eating!

– if you start feeling light headed you can eat something plant based, we don’t want you to faint!

– let your partner or family organise their own meals for the day, it’s tricky to cook for someone if you’re commiting to a cleanse.

– avoid social media at peak eating times, food envy may prevail haha!

– it’s only one day, and you’re going to feel wonderful the next day.


And wonderful I did feel come Monday morning. I felt lighter, clear headed and my skin was fresh and glowing. And to be honest I didn’t need my 7.30am caffeine fix, I held out till at least 9am! That’s a record! I highly recommend The Juicist’s one day cleanse, it was the perfect kick I needed to get back into healthy eating and better choices. They also have other package options and delivery all over the city, so there really is a cleanse for every stage of health and wellness. Newbie cleanser or not, the cleanse put a spring in my step and I’m looking forward to the next one!

Have you tried a juice cleanse? How did you find it?

E x

The Juicist products provided for my review, but all opinions are my own.


  1. twenty says

    The red one looks and sounds delicious. Great that this juice is literally fresh from orchard/paddock to your table.

  2. Juice cleansing isn’t something I’ll try, but if I did, this company sounds great! Fresh is way better than adding water to a powder!
    But no, food for me. And breakfast. Always breakfast!

    • I’m one of those people who likes to try EVERYTHING Em, and I loved the concept behind the company too! I love food so much, it was hard to stop thinking about food for the day!!!

    • A sushi buffet sounds extremely tempting! That is why I avoided anywhere slightly delicous. I’m such a food obsessed girl too, so it’ll be a rare thing for me. Was def worth it though!

  3. theprettylittlesparrow says

    After reading this I definitely want to try a juice cleanse, looks so refreshing! xx

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