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Like It Local: Grace Robinson Photography

How Perth born and bred fashion photographer Grace Robinson finds time to balance her photography business, full time job in visual merchandising, personal life and fairly new collaborative blog The Chronicle Edge astounds me! I first came across Grace’s work last year after meeting (and being snapped) by her at a local charity event. I was so impressed by her talent and skill that I just had to know more. This girl has serious talent! I love the moody, sultry tones in her more recent shoots, and she’s not scared to take a risk with her shots. I can’t wait to see what else she has up her sleeve for this year, but for now sneak a peek into her very busy schedule!


Who is Grace in five words?

Fun, loving, confident, curious and stupid!

What do you do and why?

Photography is something I’ve always loved from a young age, as I wasn’t really good at anything else! I really took the saying “play to your strengths” quite literally in life. I take images because I love styling and creating something ones eyes can enjoy. I love the feeling that certain images evoke and everything in between.

I embarked on visual merchandising as it was something I always wanted to give a go! I applied for a job as a state visual merchandising manager for a chain of stores in the fashion retail industry after graduating university, and although I thought I wouldn’t get it I gave it my all anyway. Seven months later I’m a state VM manager and balance my photography and 9-5 job as well as I can. I’m very blessed to be doing something creative and directional in the same job, it keeps me on my toes and I’m never bored.

Where do find inspiration?

Everywhere. Instagram and Pinterest are a major point of inspiration. If I’m feeling lazy and unmotivated (it does happen every now and then!) I’ll go and have a good look on the Internet and see what everyone else is up to. Seeing others with great passion for their work pushes me to work harder and focus. Surround yourself with people who work hard and you’ll find yourself doing the same.

What’s your favourite thing about the Perth creative scene?

I love the people I know. I love how everyone likes to motivate each other and collaborate. Perth is a small city and it seems that we really enjoy collaborating with each other and lifting each other up. I think everyone is also so stylish too! We have a lot of great Perth designers to thank for that – and amazing bloggers! We have it all!

What makes a good photo?

Whatever! Anything and everything. If I’ve learnt anything practicing photography it is that there are no rules. Gone are the days where I would be embarrassed if I didn’t know what depth of field I was working in. I just do what feels right and involve the right talented creatives and everything flows from there. But I must say great natural lighting and a subject who loves to play into the camera is great!

What is your favourite type of shoot to partake in?

At the moment probably blogger photography and candid fashion photo shoots. I’m really into the raw, edgy, naked vibe at the moment. As I’ve gotten older my images have matured with me and I’ve realised how beautiful a woman’s body can be! I’ve also been doing a lot of beach shoots at the moment, especially because it’s summer here in Perth.

For more Grace goodness check out her website. Or for her collaboration with Perth makeup artist Emer Lyall of Emer Rose Makeup pop over to The Chronical Edge.

What is your favourite style of photography?

E x


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