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Brunch Club: Cantina 663, Mount Lawley

Weekends are for spending time with your favourite folk, squishing in everything you didn’t have time for during the week. I have a few really close friends, and the particular group I spent the weekend with have been around forever. Well, not forever, but since I moved to the city a good eight years back. We sadly don’t get together as often as I’d like due to conflicting schedules, and well, life, but when we do hang out it reverts back to exactly where we left off last time. And we share one common interest that makes planning a weekend outing simple – we are all brunch obsessed!


Mount Lawley is one of my favourite suburbs and Cantina 663 was our meeting place of choice on this particular occasion. The funky, rustic European inspired cafe and restaurant has been a Mount Lawley food staple for years, but for some insane reason I hadn’t visited until now. Better late than never! Tables spill out onto Beaufort Street and into the little lane where the cafe is located giving patrons plenty of options for a table. Unable to make a breakfast booking (you can book for lunch and dinner) our party of four had our fingers crossed we’d score a table without having to wait – and the brunch gods were watching over us, because we had our choice of tables in the busy spot. The restaurants interior is simple, yet arty with distressed wallpaper and wooden furniture creating a warm, pleasing vibe. 

The friendly waitress seated us immediately and offered us coffee and drinks – just the way I like it. It’s always nice to scout the menu at your own pace, knowing your drink order is already been prepared. I went with my usual offender, a Soy Long Macchiato ($4.30), whilst V opted for a regular Long Mac ($4). Cantina’s coffee is quite strong, but definitely drinkable, and we may have ordered more coffee as the morning progressed. C stuck to her usual Earl Grey tea ($4), and it was served in the most adorable red teapot. Why I didn’t take a picture, no one knows! F tried Cantina’s Green Juice ($7) special and she was pleasantly surprised with the kale and vege concoction. 

The menu is focused on seasonal produce and the best of the best in local goods, so it is forever changing depending on the time of year. I love a restaurant that rolls with the times – gotta keep it fresh! I was tossing up between a few different options, but finally decided on the Crumbed Pork Terrine, Piccalilli and Poached Egg ($16). The terrine was delicous, strong and bursting with rich flavours. I’ve only had terrine a few times in my life, but I instantly fell in food love with the full bodied, luscious flavours. The terrine was served with a perfectly poached egg and pickled vegetables. The vegetables added a zesty bite to the dish and worked perfectly with the strong terrine. The added crunch of the vegetable was also great, adding texture to the dish. 

V ended up ordering one of the dishes I was tossing up with, the Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Pancake, Fried Egg and Maple Syrup ($19). The dish looked fantastic, with the elements stacked suggestively and the fried egg cooked perfectly. Lashings of maple brought the dish together, and V was in heaven. I’m definitely getting that one next time! 

F & C stuck to more traditional breakfast choices with F choosing Mama’s Breakfast ($23), a big breakfast packed with the usual eggs, bacon, sausage, tomato etc on toast. C’s Bacon & Scrambled Eggs ($18.90) was pretty standard, but she loved the use of chives in the scramble. The eggs were a little watery for her liking, but the flavours were there. 

Cantina 663 was the perfect location for a Brunch Club meeting, and post breakfast were wandered down Beaufort Street in search of further adventure. I highly recommend Cantina 663 – the menu is switched on, the coffee is charged and the staff were extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I’ll be back. 

What is your favourite thing to do with friends?

E x   

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  1. twenty says

    Another great eating place !! Pics look yummy.

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  3. Love this. You really should join me for one of my brunches. Thanks for including your review in our giveaway lineup. I might need to head back to Cantina and case their brunch menu.

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