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Like It Local: Linzi Carter

Colour brings a little bit of spark to my life. Whether it be a cute, bright print dress or a pop of red lipstick, colour is one of my ultimate tools for happiness. What is not to love about vibrancy and standing out? As the brilliant style blogger Kim-Marie aka Kimba Likes put it…“I firmly believe that colour makes me happy”. Her post How To Add Colour To Your Life is permanently bookmarked and if I’m ever feeling dull or flat it’s my go to. Another lass who knows colour, and lives colour is local Perth artist Linzi Carter.

 The colour fanatic inspires with her brilliant, bright designs and positive and exhuberant take on art. You may recognise her signature style of late at Karrinyup Shopping Centre, where she took Summer fruit to another level with her pineapple piece. The abstract artist breathes colour so who better to discuss art and the little things in life than the girl herself. Meet Linzi!

Who is Linzi in five words?

A motivated, colourful, vivacious, creative dreamer.

What can we find you doing on a daily basis?

I design and paint large murals and artworks for commercial spaces, display homes, offices and events. I also paint live at events such as weddings, festivals, schools and fundraisers and I teach art workshops at the studio I run, Neil Street Art Studio in Osborne Park.

Why do you do what you do?

I paint because I love it and it makes me come alive. It’s also so rewarding seeing my creativity inspire or move people to want to create or just feel more free to express themselves.

What’s a typical day like in your world?

Every day is totally different and that is why I love being an artist. It could be a day in the studio designing a collection of artworks for a space or a mural, or writing an art workshop curriculum. Then there are meetings with various other creative people to plan collaborations and events, painting live or doing demos for kids and so on and on and on.

Why is colour so important in your life?

It is amazing how colour can uplift, inspire and move someone. I gravitate towards colours that help me release what I feel. 

Where do you find inspiration?

I adore nature, underwater, sunsets, mountains, rivers and clouds. I am obsessed with the sky! Fashion is a constant source of inspiration, shopping, other creative people, film, colour, patterns, wallpaper and textiles. My favourite magazine is IdN Magazine, it is super inspiring!

What’s your favourite thing about the Perth creative scene?

Perth is so fresh and there is a sense of respect amongst artists because we are smaller than the other Australian cities. I find it easier to collaborate with other creatives and commercially there is a real art revival; we are going to see more and more artwork pop up around the place, it is so great to see.

Where is your favourite place to eat / drink / shop in Perth?

EAT: Leaf and Bean Emporium in Mount Hawthorn, the coffee is amazing and they constantly display cool art. I painted an abstract rainbow cloud mural there last year (told you I am obsessed with the sky), check it out! And Cicerello’s in Freo, best fish and chips!

DRINK: Must Winebar, Highgate

SHOP: Karrinyup Shopping Centre, Karrinyup

What is your biggest achievement to date?

It is hard to pin just one, but I can choose a couple! I’d have to say painting two murals for Karrinyup Shopping Centre and working with Mathew Knight Media to time lapse film them and designing and painting a mural for a Ross North Homes in their Jindalee Display Home.

What is coming up for you in the future?

This year I am gearing up to design and paint some more murals for Ross North Homes. Midyear I will be collaborating with Revlon Australia at Myer Karrinyup to paint live. I’ve got loads of workshops and fun stuff at Neil Street Art Studio coming up and some more surprise projects with Karrinyup Shopping Centre later in the year. Busy!

How do you add colour to your life?

E x


  1. twenty says

    What a great interview !! The impact of colour tv over black and white tv left an imprint on me. Eg, sesame street was a loud and happy show but when it arrived in colour it was mind blowing (for a kid).

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