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Haters Gonna Hate

I’m not much of a Taylor Swift fan, but the girl was right when she said you’ve just gotta shake it off! After blogging for over a year now I’ve finally had my first negative comment on one of social media pages. Finally! I’ve been waiting for it, because I know how often it happens, and now I can join the club.

It comes with the territory of putting a large portion of your life online. I know people aren’t going to like every little thing you post. I’m the same. I only follow accounts that interest me, or I enjoy catching up on (and my friends of course), and when you share your thoughts with an online community you’re putting yourself out there for people to comment/dislike what you do. People just have to remember there is a person behind my blog and Instagram, and I’m only human too, so things will upset me, even if it was something minuscule. This blog is my baby, and a large portion of my life (in a sense) so I will take things personally because I do put a lot of time and effort into it all. 

Now onto the nasty comment. I love a good inspirational quote. I like a little bit of a pick me up and words are something than can do that for me, but on one of my latest Instagram quote posts a follower was a little unimpressed…

“I am so sick of all your inspo quotes and green juices pictures.”

Unfollow me then?

I replied and told her she could just delete me, and her reply was “I already have, thank the lord”.

Um…Okay. I’m sorry I was that burdening on your Instagram feed. I personally thought my selfies would be more irritating than the odd juice picture or quote, but whatever floats your boat. I like to think the follower probably needed a bit of inspiration in her life but didn’t want it pushed in her face. But that is just me, haha. 

Don’t get me wrong I was a little taken aback and I’m happy it wasn’t a nastier comment, but is it necessary to be bitchy online? Especially when we all know how things can be taken differently on the internet, and the impact online trolling can have on people. 

Everyone is different. Some people don’t like inspo quotes and green juice, but why bother commenting? Just click the unfollow button and everything will be okay. Your feed will be free! I’m not a huge fan of skinny mini bikini clad models or cars but I don’t crack it if I see a picture like that on someone’s Instagram – I either scroll past or unfollow. I’ve read a lot of posts by other bloggers about dealing with “haters” and some bloggers comment back, others just remove. I went with the latter and removed the girl from seeing my feed. Makes life easier for the both of us. She no longer has to see my “inspirational words” and juice detoxing, and I no longer have to worry about irritating her. LOL.

I don’t want to piss people off, so if you’re not digging my feed, then delete me. It’s not a big deal. I get it. We are not clones of each other, we don’t all like the exact same things, so it’s okay to click unfollow. And to those who like my stuff and comment in a positive way, thank you. You really do make my day. 

How do you deal with haters, on or offline? 

E x 

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  1. twenty says

    Well, how sad that a person would leave such a nasty negative comment. I wouldn’t worry too much, the people who follow you know what your into and that’s why they visit, coz they like what you have to offer. That other poor soul is obviously a bit too negative for your happy sites. Shake it off !!

    • That’s a good way of thinking about it T – maybe they’re a negative person in general and I’m too positive hahaha. I’m okay – was just a bit shocking really!

  2. andrewdavid1668 says

    Well my mother always said if you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all. Anyways i love your blog post so keep up the good work x

  3. Indeed, I am with you and Taylor on this one. I honestly can’t believe what purpose it would serve to make a comment like that. THEY are the ones with the problem. People feel entitled to say things online they’d never dare to in real life which is a shame.

  4. DAMN GIRL #instaisgreenjuice #getontheride #stopthehate
    EM your feed is you, if peeps can’t deal then they just need to hola away.

    • Thanks honey! It is me. And I’ll keep posting the inspirational quotes because sometimes I NEED THEM TOO! 🙂 Xxx

  5. oooh i feel you girl! i had similar comments from friends on facebook that i always upload soo many pics of like too many things, i personally love your feed and tbh her account was probably on private because she hiding and would never say it to your face !

    • It’s a strange feeling hey, especially if it’s someone you know! People should worry more about what they’re doing, not other people, it’d make life easier xx

  6. quelinestewart says

    aww, that’s a shit thing to say to someone, but honestly people have too much time on their hands – if they don’t like your pics they can easily unfollow. I’ve been pretty lucky with the nasty comments too, only had a couple that were far and few between. Keep rocking Em! ❤

  7. Fat Fooks of Perth says

    Boo! How sad that they feel it necessary to put their two cents in when it’s nothing but negative and only shows how ignorant they are. They followed you in the first place, they knew what you were about, so fool on them! We got told the other day that we’d put up too many posts! Umm, isn’t that what instagram is for? Plus we were at an event so it was expected and definitely more than usual but it’s like, just unfollow us then! Just remember, nobody ever hurt their eyesight by looking at the bright side of life 🙂 Also they’re obviously totally jealous of you!
    Your page makes us happy so keep being you!

    • Your Instagram, your choice of what you do and don’t post! Events are different – perhaps they didn’t understand you’d been invited to promote the event? I don’t want to think people are jealous, because I’m just an every day person too – people just need to be careful on social media cos it can come across quite mean! Love your page too, thanks for stopping by x

  8. Some people. Honestly. Do they not have lives?! I was recently trolled on the blog for a lack of a thigh gap. The comments all 365 of them were offensive to say the least and while I have a pretty thick skin, I didn’t want my daughters or anyone feeling vulnerable about their size or shape reading crap like that.

    I’ve heard a lot of negative things directed towards the #fitspo movement and just try and basically try and steer clear of any questionable or controversial hashtags.

    • Obviously they do not have anything better to do! 365 offensive comments, oh god? That’s insane. We’re all just human beings, all of us. People need to stop and think before they write things in an offensive way, it’s uncalled for. The comment left on my IG wasn’t even that mean considering, but I was just a bit dumbfounded. Oh well.. Just got to move on! We can’t please everyone x


    Great article on the matter. I honestly peg it to desensitization and anonymity. It’s easy to type something and not care of the consequences or ignore them by simply closing out of the site.

    And it’s def not cuz this person thinks their comment is the majority thought. First negative comment after a year means we all love you! Unfortunately, know that this won’t be the last, but meh, haters can hate all they want. 😉

  10. Oh god – I fear this too! I haven’t had any on my blog or instagram but when I had a youtube show people would write that I was soooo annoying (and I mean my job was to get drunk and have people do drunken dares soooo…) and sometimes when I post an article for VICE it gets mean comments too but in both instances I’ve just decided not to look back when something gets posted. I did my work, I tried my best, it’s online now, there’s no point in going back and reading people’s idiotic comments. Ignorance is bliss!!

    Danika Maia

  11. I’m lucky I haven’t had any negative comments YET. I’ll be doing what you did when I do eventually have a negative comment and will block that follower. Really, if you don’ t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all! Surely everyone’s mum and grandma taught them that!

  12. I haven’t had the troll yet either, but I have had someone give me negative feedback on something I’d written once – I felt so hurt at first, but when I actually read the prolific diatribe he’d written, I had the realisation that his words were actually saying a lot more about him than they were about my work – he’d missed the point completely and then shown his ignorance. That’s the story I told myself anyway 🙂 x

  13. I just do not get people who behave like that. Seriously they have the free choice to not follow people if it’s not their cuppa tea,.. Why make those comments! Jayde from little paper lane wrote a great post this week on dickheads online. Check it out, she’s hilarious and doesn’t hold back. I’m yet to experience it on the blog or social media but I think when I do I’ll be in the delete and block camp! Xx

  14. ahhh I haven’t gotten my first negative comment either. Part of me kinda wants one, I’m not sure if I will just ignore and block or unleash the fury! Trolling in general is such crap though!

  15. I don’t understand why people seem to enjoy hating on others online. What a waste of time and energy! I agree with Taylor, shake it off. What else can you do?

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