What I Wore: Midi Me

SINGLET: Target Australia {EXACT MATCH}, MIDI SKIRT: Boohoo, FLATS: Kmart Australia, SUNGLASSES: Mambo Australia, LIPSTICK: Maybelline Matte 6 Deep Red {EXACT MATCH

I can honestly say I laughed the entire way through this impromptu shoot with my lovely friend D. I’m not the most comfortable poser at the best of times, but when she had me climbing up buildings into random windows and chilling in a garden bed I had to laugh. A lot. Plus my friend L happened to be standing behind the camera too and she found the entire concept of prancing around in the sunshine hilarious. Cue more laughter. 

Now that we’ve hit Autumn it’s the perfect time of year to rock a midi skirt. It’s been a little bit chilly (dare I say) in Perth this past week with a few rainstorms and cloudy days, so a midi is the perfect skirt to keep the chill off your legs, but still be easy breezy enough if the weather changes. I fell in love with this Boohoo midi when I found it online late last year. The vintage-esque print sold me, and I loved the pleated, floaty look. 

The skirt basically carries the entire outfit so a simple black singlet and a pop of red lipstick completed my look. You may remember this Target singlet from a previous post – it’s become a go-to for all of those moments when I require something plain enough to balance with a louder piece, but not too plain that it cannot hold its own. It’s comfortable and stretchy and can be paired with almost anything. The perfect staple. 

My Mum always swore that matte lipstick was the only lipstick a lady needed, but being the cheeky lass I am, I didn’t believe her. The shinier the better I thought, until now. I’m newly converted to the amazingness of a good matte lip. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a huge fan of a glossier look lip, but I’ve found myself living in a few different matte lippies as of late. Should have listened to you sooner Ma, sorry! 

Are you a midi skirt fan? Why/why not?

E x 

Photo Love: Demelza Buckley 


  1. I love midis and mattes! The Matte 6 looks good on you, I have it but it doesn’t suit me. That’s what you get for buying even when the tester is missing 😦

  2. twenty says

    Gosh, what’s with all this matte business today? I have just purchased 3 new matte lippy’s this morning !!! Then came and read this post. Your Mother is right. Nice fun photo shoot too !

  3. Looking gorgeous. Love that lipstick on you. I’m looking for a great matte lippy at the moment but can’t seem to find a colour that suits me. I think I might to step outside my comfort zone for this one.

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