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Love & Green Juice: Pure Glow Juice Cleanse

You may have noticed I’ve jumped on the juice cleanse bandwagon as of late. I know I know, I’m a bit behind in the times, but I’ve never been one to follow the crowds. I love doing things in my own time and in this case, when it suited my body and health needs.

When Pure Glow Cleanse approached me to try out their one day cleanse I couldn’t say no after the successes I found with another cleanse I completed earlier in the year.

Now I won’t trouble you with a detailed breakdown of every hour of the one day cleanse, as I feel once you’ve read one review you’ve read them all. Pure Glow has had brilliant feedback, (trust me it’s good) but if you are looking for beginners tips on juice cleansing you can pop over to my previous juice cleanse post. What I did want to share with you today is a few thoughts on the one day cleanse and a few reasons why I can’t stop raving about Pure Glow.

1. I actually glowed. My skin looked pretty sparkly (think Edward Cullen in the sunshine sparkly) and I distinctly remember my partner giving me a bit of a funny look, then stating I was actually glowing. Wow!

2. I felt full. This may possibly be because this wasn’t my first time juice detoxing, so I knew exactly what to do, but I felt consistently full all day! There were even points when I couldn’t finish a juice or two.

3. I still struggled with a “lack of caffeine” headache. I’ve read that you should cut down on your caffeine intake a few days prior to beginning the cleanse, but I rebelled. I’m regretting it now though, this may have been the boost I needed to kick my coffee addiction. There is always next time.

4. Vanilla Chai Dream is as dreamy as it looks. After sipping fruit and veg all day I was really looking forward to the “dessert juice” of the bunch. The almond milk based juice was soooooo good and the perfect finish to a day of healthy juicing. No wonder it’s everybody’s favourite!

5. You can do it! It’s ONLY one day (or three if you wish)!

Post juice cleanse I was feeling lighter, more energised and ready to learn more about general health and wellbeing, so who better to discuss the finer points of healthy living and juice cleansing with than one of Pure Glow’s own creators, Annette. I had questions, and she kindly answered. 

E: Take us through a typical day as a juice guru and business owner…

A: I wake up between 6 and 8am and roll out my yoga mat for a quick 5-10 minute session with my gal Tara Stiles. At the moment I am working on getting up earlier than this so I can regularly attend a 6am yoga class to start my day in the best possible way.

I then make a couple of cups of tea so that I can pour it into a large jug and top with water to drink about 2L through the day (at the moment I’m all about the Clipper Decaff Green Tea & a special cleansing blend that I’m experimenting with).

Breakfast is a green smoothie or acai bowl (or juice!) whilst putting together the morning Instagram post for Pure Glow and then it’s into the email account for the next few hours to reply to suppliers, meeting requests, customers, staff and marketing opportunities.

A midday yoga break and lunch helps me power through until the afternoon, when I spend time making produce orders, overseeing our couriers and replying to any other emails which have come in through the day.

The evening usually involves a personal training or yoga session, some reading and watching reality tv or Breaking Bad with my boyfriend.

E: Why is health and wellness so important to you?

A: In the past I have experienced really bad anxiety and found that yoga and healthy eating were two of the most helpful coping tools for me. I really enjoy helping other people work towards their wellness goals, particularly if they are anxious or depressed, and opening up peoples eyes to the benefits of yoga, exercise and healthy eating/drinking.

E: Which juice is your favourite?

A: Glowing Greens or Sunrise Elixir!

E: Do you have any tips for beginners wanting to try a juice cleanse?

A: My biggest tip would be to cut out as much caffeine from your diet as possible prior to starting your cleanse, even for those who just have one coffee a day the caffeine withdrawal side-effects can be pretty tough. Also take it easy on yourself! A cleanse is the perfect time to rest, do some restorative yoga and let yourself experience your body in a different way. There is a great sense of peace and clarity of mind that can be experienced post-cleanse from taking things easy and nurturing yourself, it’s my favourite benefit!

If I can do it, you can do it. Just think of it as one day. And who doesn’t want to glow! For more details on where you can find Pure Glow near you pop over to the website.

What are your top health tips?

E x

Pure Glow Cleanse juices provided for my review, but all opinions are my own.


  1. twenty says

    Cutting back on sugar and avoiding highly processed foods.

  2. I am looking into doing a cleanse when I get home from my current overseas trip as I have done a little more than indulge! šŸ˜¦

    • Hahaha, you have to over indulge on holiday hun, it’s a given! It’s a great way to get back on track, that’s for sure!

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