I love those weekends where you feel like you’ve accomplished something, aka the productive ones. But what I love more are those weekends spent celebrating life with your friends and lovers. The ones where you do exactly what you feel like doing, whether it’s going out and enjoying the good weather, or just lying on the couch catching up on a TV series you’ve been neglecting. I did all of the above this weekend. Saturday saw one of my close friends turn a year older. I love birthdays! My own is coming up in April (no idea what is in store), but I love celebrating other people even more! Treating our gorgeous friend F to brunch at a cute cafe followed by many laughs made me super happy because I love seeing my friends smile and we smiled all day Saturday! The celebration continued well into the evening with a gathering under the stars as we “warmed” my friend C’s new home. And Sunday was spent with my boo, chilling, eating good food and as I said, catching up on a TV show I’ve been recording on Foxtel. I know after this type of perfectly balanced weekend I’m going to walk into the new week relaxed and refreshed. Bring it on! And here are a few other things I’ve been up to lately, because we all love a nosey look into someone’s life! 


1. Baby’s first Babychino!

2. IKEA adventures, two weekends in a row. Now that is a love affair with Sweden.

3. Discovering this moo in Inglewood. Anya Brock is a star!

4. Cute Mexican feasts with friends. Can’t forget the chilli!

5. Sunshine and my babe.

6. Meeting Jaime Lee Major at Urban Couture was pretty exciting! So fashion.

7. This girl makes work more tolerable. 

8. I saw Montaigne and The Jungle Giants live for FREE last weekend. So much fun. I love music.

9. Hat weather!


10. Apparently this is what I look like according to the kids at the work coffee shop… I guess they got my eyes right!

11. Still playing along with April’s Autumn Styling Challenge.

12. No explanation needed.

13. Vic Park prettiness.

14. Brunch club turned up a notch – look at that crepe! Review featuring Crumpet coming soon!

15. Being a poser in front of this amazing Saner art.

16. Juice!

17. Happy Birthday F! Aren’t my friends the cutest!

18. Cake. Again, no explaining needed.

And lately I’ve been…

LISTENING TO: Tkay Maidza, Broods and Benjamin Francis Leftwich

BUYING: Op shopped tops and ankle boots!

EATING: Bagels with salmon and cream cheese, birthday cake and brunch at The Merrywell.

LOVING: Live music, the collaborations I have coming soon to the blog and my mates. 

READING: Inside Madeleine by Paula Bomer.

What are you buying right now? What did you get up to this weekend? 

E x 


  1. twenty says

    You’ve had another great fortnight !! My latest purchase? a tin bird, painted white with pinky red flowers and a gold trip hanging from a string rope………..tis beautiful !!

  2. WOW what a fortnight. I’ve had a fairly quiet fortnight basically just coping with the health side of things. I decided with hubby away for the month, that getting my three girls fed and to school was the top priority and anything else was a bonus. Hoping for a better week, this week.

    • All of those things are important miss! You need to put your family first (and yourself and health of course)! I hope the next one is better. Big hugs x

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