Autumn Obsessions: beauty musings of a non-beauty blogger

I thought I’d share a secret with you all today. The truth behind why I always wear bright lipstick.

Besides loving it of course, the initial reason I started wearing it was because I’m a failure at the art of eye makeup! Exposed! Hahaha. We all know the rule – one or the other, so I opted for the easier of the two, and it kind of became my thing. Awkward. I’d love to learn the art of a smokey eye, but once again my lack of patience has overtaken. I’ll openly admit I’m no beauty expert, but I love a good beauty haul. Here is what I’ve been obsessing over as of late.

1. GARNIER Cleansing Micellar Water ($12.99 – shop here)

I was introduced to this wizard of a product last year when I was involved in the Kidspot Voices of 2014 blogging competition. Garnier was a major sponsor which meant trialling and reviewing their latest products. This is one product I’ve continued to purchase since! It’s a bit of a miracle, being a cleanser, make up remover and soothing friend all in one. The active ingredient “micells” act as an impurity magnet, drawing dirt and make up from your skin without having to scrub your face, and your skin is left dewy and fresh. It smells amazing, and for only $13 you’re getting so much more than it is worth. No need for 101 different skin care products if you’ve got this one at home, it’s so pro!

2. LUSH Bohemian Soap ($5.95/100g – shop here)

One thing I really dislike about our current abode is the lack of bathtub, because if we did have one I’d spend every evening soaking with a Lush bath bomb. Unfortunately we only have a shower, so Lush’s soap range will have to do. But it’s wonderful so I’m not that fussed. The Bohemian soap is lemon flavoured and adds a bit of zest to my morning shower. All natural and made with lemon oil, I leave the shower feeling awake and alive, and smelling pretty zingy. Unfortunately I suffer from a few skin issues thanks to my Sjögren’s Syndrome (more about living with Sjögren’s here) and my skin tends to freak out from harsh products – this soap is so delicate and I’ve never had an issue! All natural baby!

3. THE BODY SHOP Vitamin E Cool BB Cream ($19.95 – shop here)

The amount of samples I come across due to being a blogger is crazy, but I do like to try them out. After I received a few samples of The Body Shop’s new BB cream I thought I better try it, and wasn’t I surprised! I’ve not yet purchased the product for real as I have two other brands I’m still getting through, but this is on my wish list. What I loved about the tester was the light coverage of the product and my skin felt fresh and was still able to breathe through the cream. Plus it was non greasy, which is perfect for my skin type as I do tend to look quite shiny in my “t-zone”. BB Cream is my favourite alternative to a full face of makeup, it’s so easy to apply and your skin just glows!

4. THE BODY SHOP White Musk Smooth Satin Body Lotion ($17.95 – shop here)

I may have “borrowed” this product from E’s side of the beauty cabinet and never returned it! Let me tell you something, musk isn’t just for old ladies, because this body lotion smells scrumptious! I’m partial to lathering it on my legs post shave because it’s non-greasy and not too thick. It’s perfect for those in the middle seasons when your skin doesn’t require a lathering of body butter! Even E complimented me on the lovely way I smelt after I rubbed it on my hands earlier, I’m not sure if she realised it was her lotion- so fresh!

5. LIME CRIME Countessa Flourescent ($16.95 – shop here)

If you don’t own Lime Crime, you’ve not yet lived in the lipstick world. The perfectly packaged, sweet smelling vibrancy of the brand is just half the reason why I’m obsessed with the unicorn lippy. I own a few different colours but the Countessa Fluorescent is the bomb! It’s the perfect pop of colour and it’s my go to for pink lippy. The lipstick glides on perfectly, and I’ve never had a problem with it bleeding out. The brand is long lasting, and I love that I can eat, drink and talk my butt off and my lipstick is still visible and lovely. This colour goes with pretty much anything plus it’s vegan and cruelty free. The bunnies are safe!

6. MAYBELLINE Colour Whisper Oh La Lilac ($10.46 – shop here)

Perfect for those days when you need a bit of lip colour but don’t want a full, bold lip, this light, lovely lip gloss lip stick hybrid is a work favourite. The colour may look bold but it actually just leaves a simple shine with a slight pop of colour to brighten up your smile. I keep this one in my handbag and love slathering it on when I need a pick me up mid morning. It does disappear from your lips pretty quickly, but it leaves them smooth and glossy.

And how lovely is the art at the top of this post? Perth artist and illustrator, the lovely Sheryl of nevertheless designed the piece for me. So much talent!

What is your current beauty love?

E x


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