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Taking Stock: The Autumn Edition

April has got to be one of my favourite months, probably because it’s my birthday month! This past weekend was titled “The Weekend of E” and involved too much cake, lots of fun cocktails and time with my favourite people. I celebrated turning 27 from Friday morning tea time at work all the way through till yesterday evening. And my old body and fuzzy brain is still paying for it. I’m so grateful for all of my gorgeous family and friends for making the weekend so special. You realise how important your gang is when it comes to special occasions… the people who are around to celebrate, who think of you on your special day and send a sweet message or pick up the phone for a chat, the ones who spend time planning cute surprises and fun adventures. I’m a very lucky girl. I thought I’d share a few happy snaps from my birthday weekend… What’s a birthday without an impromptu photo shoot with friends, cocktails at breakfast time, lounge room dance parties, three different cakes and an entire fish (teeth and all) to dine on?

Even though I love April I’m also a little bit freaked out that we’re already a quarter of the way through the year! Time for a regular stock take. Here is what I’ve been up to as of late. 

I’ve been…

Makingplans for our upcoming Vietnam trip mid year. I’m too excited! 

CookingDonna Hay brownies, healthy dinners and Easter treats. 

DrinkingCoffee by the bucket, and Pure Glow Cleanse juices, so yummy!

ReadingThe latest issue of Elle magazine with the beautiful Rebel Wilson gracing the cover. Go girl! 

WantingTo feel more awake in general. 

LookingForward to the weekend, already!

PlayingDead Oaks by Now Now and Lean On by Major Lazer. 

DecidingWhat to spend my birthday money on… ASOS order I think!

WishingIt was June already and we were hoping on a plane!

EnjoyingThe new season of Wentworth!

WaitingTo hear who got nominated for the Kidspot Voices of 2015 competition!

LikingMy new tripod I got for my birthday!

WonderingWhether I’ll feel motivated to blog this weekend. Haha!

LovingAmy Shumer, rainy days, new music on my iPhone and the food at Tarts Cafe

PonderingLife. Always.

ConsideringDying my hair… It’s three different colours right now! 

WatchingMy Kitchen Rules, America’s Next Top Model and Real Housewives of Melbourne.

HopingI sort out my new blog theme, it’s frustrating me. Help!

MarvellingAt how many shows I’ve recorded on Foxtel – when on earth will I watch them all!

NeedingA good night sleep. 

SmellingMy new Balenciaga perfume my friends got me for my birthday.


Following@thechocolatejesus, @thefabulouscript and @shopgoh on Instagram. 

NoticingI need more hours in a day!

KnowingThis month will be busy! 

Thinking: I need more winter clothes. Any excuse to shop really…

FeelingTired, always!

AdmiringHillary Clinton for wanting run for president – time for a woman on the stand! 

SortingOut this months blog schedule – it’s harder than it looks! 

BuyingMyself a new blog theme on WordPress, and my own .com! 

GettingThrough a huge pile of emails – so sorry if I haven’t replied! 

BookmarkingBlogs. And winter warmer recipes!

DislikingMy lack of patience at work lately. 

OpeningA can of Nudie Soda – yum!

GigglingAt E’s singing! And Amy Schumer. And “The Roast of Justin Bieber” – how funny was Martha Stewart!

SnackingOn a lot of birthday cake this month – three cakes to be exact!

CovetingWinter fashion.

WishingIt was always the weekend.

HelpingE’s sister with her beautiful babies. 

HearingBudapest by George Ezra live on SNL. 

Now it’s your turn… How are you feeling right now? Who do you admire? What are you reading?

E x 


  1. twenty says

    Looks like you are having a great month thus far.

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