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Lunch Club: The Boulevard Hotel, Floreat

Now I’ve never been a huge beer fan, but when I was invited to a long table lunch in the sunshine with a bunch of Perth beer fans and bloggers I couldn’t pass it up. Who knew I would leave appreciating, and actually enjoying a cold brew.

The Boulevard Hotel is a classy bar and restaurant tucked away at the Floreat shopping centre hub. With a stunning, sun filled beer garden and a large restaurant floor it really is the place to be on a weekend afternoon (or any time really)! Coinciding with the long table lunch a beer brewing market was in full swing with companies including Pirate Life Brewery and Custard and Co sharing their knowledge and beers. Patron’s mingled with the brewers and discussed the finer points of the popular brews, whilst sampling their drink of choice. Unfortunately I couldn’t stick around for the four course affair, but the two courses I devoured were delicious and the perfect amount of food for a late lunch in the sunshine.


I’m a huge fan of a shared entree. Firstly because I can never make up my mind with too many choices, and secondly because you get to taste a little sample of everything. First up on the menu was the Vitello Tonnato with parmasen and grissini ($23). The thinly sliced cold veal was beautifully cooked, and worked magically with the creamy tuna mayonnaise type sauce. A perfect starter, I could probably have eaten the entire dish, as the slow cooked veal just melted in my mouth. Served with crunchy grissini (bread sticks), the combination of flavours was elegant and the perfect way to start a meal. 

Entree number two was an Italian classic and a naughty favourite. The Roast Courgette Arancini ($16) were served in a pool of rich tomato sauce and featured a sweet red pepper flavour. Crisp on the outside and gooey and soft inside, the arancini were full of warmth and comfort. Again, I could have eaten the entire share plate as I’m a huge fan of the addictive dish and they were extremely tasty. The rice was cooked perfectly and I couldn’t fault the dish. 


Although I certainly had my share of entree’s, there was no way I was skipping mains, and wasn’t it a cracker! The homemade Lamb Shoulder Tortellini with garden peas was the ultimate comfort dish and a great lunch time treat. The hand made pasta was light and airy, and stuffed to the brim with rich, slow cooked lamb shoulder. Although I do enjoy lamb I find it can be quite bland, but whatever this lamb had been cooked in gave a sweet flavour full of depth. The peas were a great textural addition, adding freshness to the Italian treat, and you can’t have pasta without parmesan! Decadent and glutenous, this dish is one not to miss!

As well as a scrumptious menu you can’t pass up trying a local beer at The Boulevard, and my beer of the day had to go to the Colonial Small Ale. As well as a fun artsy can, the entire top lifted off when cracking it open giving it an individual edge! The beer had a citrus undertone and went down very easily, working beautifully with my italian inspired meal choices.


Next time you’re in Floreat you must pop in and visit the great staff and delicious eats at the Boulevard. There is always something different happening and you’re guaranteed a great meal in a gorgeous setting. 

What is your go to pub grub choice?

E x 

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  1. We almost signed up for this event, it’s one of our favourite venues but I had a feeling it was blogger heavy and we really wanted something that didn’t include a table of photographers for our 21st anniversary. We ended up at The Brisbane and loved every mouth full.

    Such a shame you couldn’t stay for the entire event. Just out of interest… were the bloggers at a separate table or was it just the one long table? I would love to go to their next event, just not keen if it’s a blogging thing. Which sounds strange given I’m a blogger but I kind of touch on this in my Worth Casing Wednesday post where I share a snippet of our experience at The Brisbane.

    • Hahaha, I’d be the same if I was celebrating a milestone Rach! Don’t need an intimate lunch photographed from all angles! It was a long table lunch though, so no segregation with seating. We were next to a bunch of guys who just wanted to eat, drink and be merry! I really like the Brisbane too so I’m sure you would have had an amazing feast. x

      • I’d love to see the Boulvard and other venues like this do things a little differently and stop with the blogger heavy events, especially ones where there are paying customers. Have the bloggers in a week or more before on their own and leave the foodies, who just want to enjoy their meals and take the occasional smart phone photo to it.

      • It wasn’t overrun with bloggers hun, only 6 or 7 out of a whole table? So it was still a good mix! I think it was nice to go along with regular people too – was a really good atmosphere mixing it up. Even the non- bloggers were snapping away on their mobiles hahah!

  2. twenty says

    Looks like you all enjoyed a special treat here.

  3. I was just saying to my hubby that I wasn’t a fan of beer because they make me feel so bloated. But then I realised that having one is actually fantastic as it’s refreshing and tasty on a hot day. I wish that I was eating this food right now!

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