Say what?

I learnt a new word last week. Woe. Not wow, not woo. Woe. Racking my brain to figure out what it meant I was stumped – what the eff does woe mean? I used to be totally up with the lingo, but apparently I’m not longer a cool kid and this red faced girl had to ask for an explanation. Awkward. According to my friend woe means “homie”. Pro, pal, mate. But woah… I was so out of the loop with woe. 

This entire convo came to light the other day when my Mum asked me what the word bae meant. I thought everyone knew bae, but apparently it was just the internet addicted youth, because my very tech savvy mother had never heard the word. She um’ed and ah’d as I explained it and the conversation ended with “bye bae”. Cutie. 

I remember back when I was a kid and noob was cool. Or n00b. And peeps was also pretty sweet. And sweet was also pretty on point. Dude, can’t forget dude. According to E’s 12 year old nephew the word cool isn’t even cool these days. It gets more confusing by the second. Some of the things that come out of that kids mouth is pure gibberish. I asked him where he learnt such things and his answer was YouTube. I must be looking at the wrong movies! Where on earth do these random words come from?! Like, was someone sitting at their computer one day and decided someone was new to the gaming world, so somehow they were a n00b? Where did the zeros instead of letter o’s come from? Slang is weird. As a writer I feel like I should be up with the times, but half the time I have no idea what is being conveyed online anymore! Does this mean I’m getting old?

Adelaide blogger and fabulous lass Sonia Styling had a Facebook status last week about a new term she’d heard recently. Fleek. Say what? What the shiz does fleek mean. I had to Urban Dictionary this little beauty. According to the raddest dictionary out fleek means “on point”… But only when it comes to eyebrows? Huh? So can my outfit be fleek? Apparently not. Fleek doesn’t even remotely sound like on point, so how that term appeared I have no idea. Sigh. Don’t expect me to throw that one into a blog post any time soon (besides this confused post of course). My brain hurts. I feel like I need to go and read some literature. Youth these days.

Which words have had you stumped lately? Does it make you feel old when you hear them?

E x 


  1. Ok so never heard of woe. except for like “woe is me” haha.Is it an acronym like bae or…?

  2. Kids today! I only manage to keep up by watching the occasional MTV reality show and consulting Urban Dictionary when necessary. I have not heard of woe outside of the original sadness/sorrow definition though but at least I’m fully conversant in Geordie slang! Howay, man!

  3. twenty says

    I really out of the loop with all the new lingo,,,hahahahah

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  5. Delights and Dismays says

    I learnt the other day that slang = ‘Short Language’ I never even knew that, let alone ‘woe’ or ‘fleek’!

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