Brunch Club: George Street Cafe and Patisserie, Kensington  

There’s a new kid on the block, and you can call him George. Or if you want a more official name, George Street Cafe and Patisserie will do. Nestled in a quiet street in Kensington the uber cute spot is the perfect location for food and chats in the sunshine, so what did we do? Just that. E and I visited George Street a few weeks back on a rare morning off together and let me tell you, it’s the perfect spot for a brunch date!

We decided to pull up a chair outside to enjoy the weather and scouted the menu. E had already decided on her usual favourite (eggs hollandaise), and being the food freak I am, I’d already checked out the menu online (just to make sure we had options). As well as regular breakfast treats the George Street menu features a few different options including the Irish Fry (black pudding of course) and Nutella Crepes with Hazelnut Praline (um YUM)! As delicious as chocolate goodness and Irish traditions sounded, I had a huge hankering for my usual Smoked Salmon Benedict ($19). Copying E today friends, sorry! 

    First up the coffee. My usual Soy Long Macchiato appeared almost instantly on the table, even though the small cafe was buzzing with people. Creamy and strong, it was the perfect start to my morning meal. Served in a very Instagram worthy grey cup and saucer I will admit I spent at least five minutes marvelling its caffeine beauty and may have taken a picture (or six) to E’s dismay. She still laughs (or scowls) at me when I take photos of food… after nearly a year and a half of blogging you’d think she’d be used to it by now! Next time I’ll be ordering a mug because it really was that good, and these days I need at least two cups of brew to get me through!

Our breakfast did not take long at all to come out to our table. A generous serving, the dishes looked absolutely delicious and exactly what we wanted. Ordering poached eggs is can be so hit and miss, but George Street was definitely a hit. Egg goo to the max, with one stab of our forks out rolled the golden yolk. Phew! I always get nervous when I go to pierce an egg. I feel like I need to snap my food pics very quickly just incase the egg is still cooking on the inside! Crisis averted. The eggs were very on point. Served on thick cut Turkish bread, I will admit I struggled a little to cut the toast (super crunchy) but I’ll always choose Turkish over regular bread. E’s dish was served with ham while mine had at least half a packet of smoked salmon. No scrimping in George’s kitchen. Zesty house made hollandaise completed (and complimented) both meals, creating a wonderful combination of flavours when eaten together. Happy Emma’s! 

    As much as I love getting in the car and discovering a new cafe, sometimes it’s just nice to pop down the road for a beautiful breakfast or coffee. We will definitely be back to George’s… Plus I didn’t try any of the amazing pastries or cakes. That warrants a second visit, right? 

Do you have a local cafe?

E x

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  1. Delicious!! I am also particular about my poached eggs. My mum even goes so far as to request them “soft poached” specifically and sends them back if they aren’t runny!

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