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Chicks Who Rock! 

Women can be pretty amazing. I am so lucky to have a wonderful bunch around me, but it isn’t just those is my immediate circle that inspire me and push me to achieve. This isn’t a serious post about who has inspired me to become a better person or anything, because I can only credit my family and friends (and living) for that, this is a bit of a short and sweet fan girl post about celebs and people in the lime light who I draw from in my creative path, those who I feel can help change the world or who have already influenced the way I think about stuff. Basically a list of chicks who rock. 

1. Lena Dunham

Ballsy and honest, she’s one of us and she’s not afraid to admit it. Lena is a bit of a feminist voice for this generation, and if you haven’t read her book you better get onto it ASAP. She’s not just hilarious, she’s intelligent and I envy her confidence. 

2. Lady Gaga

She was born this way! Lady Gaga may be wacky as, but I love the messages about equality and peace in her music. People don’t choose who they are or which path they want to take in life, and more people need to realise that. I love Gaga’s sass. Plus the lady can sing! I attended her concert last year and even though I didn’t know the new album I was blown away by the theatrics and drama and her voice.

3. Anne Frank

This pick doesn’t need a lot of explanation. Firstly she was just so damn wise at such a young age. If I can ever be that wise at any point in my life I’ll be forever grateful. Secondly she found the positive in a massively shitty situation – makes the “first world problems” I whinge about seem like blips.

4. Tess Munster

She’s been bashed and harassed and tormented because of her weight, but at the end of the day it’s not our business. Who decided who and what is considered beautiful? She’s absolutely effing stunning, and it is so wrong to judge someone based on their weight. I’ve been every size under the sun, but that didn’t make me a “bad influence” on society. I know how awful it is to bullied based on my size and people need to back off and focus on themselves, not others.  We’re all different, we’re all unique. You’ve got to be happy with the skin you’re given. #effyourbeautystands

Who is a chick you love who rocks?

E x 


  1. thequeerav says

    I love Mary Lambert! I was readnig her interview with Out in Perth again last night (http://www.outinperth.com/mary-lambert-has-her-heart-on-her-sleeve/) ; she just tells it how it is and works so hard to make conversation and positive change around issues such as mental illness and sexual assault.

    Lena Dunham’s book is on my do read list, as is Janet Mock’s ‘Redefining Realness’. So many amazing women in this world!

    • She’s a bombshell! Love Mary. You must read Lena’s book, it’s just brilliantly raw and honest! Haven’t heard of the other one but I’ll add it to my to read list! x

  2. I love ’em all. Em. And I’m gonna add Meryl Streep. Because she’s freaking awesome. And Cailin Moran. Because she’s freaking awesome. x

    • Meryl is practically royalty! Bow down! Haha. Also you’ve just remind me I must download Caitlin Moran’s book for my trip. Thank goodness you commented on this! 🙂 X

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