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Bloggers Bloom Together: creative collaboration is key! 

Collaboration is key when you’re a writer. Drawing inspiration from fellow creative folk, whether it be artists, designers, photographers or other pen to paper types can be the best medicine for a creative block, or the perfect opportunity to create a dynamic partnership bursting with ideas! You never really know what you will achieve bouncing off a fellow creative, but from personal experience it’s usually pretty damn special! Double the creative drive, double the magic! 

Perth is kind of small. We all know it, but it’s whether you accept or reject it that matters in this case, and I’ve certainly embraced the close knit community with very wide open arms since I’ve been involved in the writing scene. I’ve collaborated with fashion designers, beauty gurus, art nuts, foodies and various other wonderful inspirations on my own creative journey, and why not add other bloggers to the list? We all share the same goal of getting our message out, promoting brands we love and generally embracing every opportunity we are given – so why not get together in a pack and celebrate our passion for producing vibrant content and beautiful pictures? The first “Bloggers Bloom Together” coffee catch up was organised recently to get bloggers interacting, sharing and creating creative relationships to hopefully bloom into future collaborations. 

Babooshka Bar was our location of choice for the recent affair. The cafe has a wonderful reputation for being warm, inviting and pretty creative with its food ventures, so we were too keen that they were happy to host a bunch of chatty ladies (and one brave dude) for the morning. Bloggers + pretty food + cameras = Instagram crazy town. Pretty sure their feed would have been harassed by our snaps, but who could blame us, the food was damn beautiful!

Introductions out the way, the few hours spent together were full of idea sharing, gossiping about the best places to eat, drink and shop, discussions on how to build audiences, create media kits and other blog stuff, getting to know faces we see daily online and making friendships! That’s a successful event in my eyes. The bloggers left feeling inspired, happy and already keen for the next serve. Job done. 

I already know of at least two other bloggers who attended the catch up who are now getting ready to start planning future get togethers. As Einstein said, “creativity is contagious, pass it on”. And if we keep passing it, the Perth scene will bloom. 

I’d thought I’d share some blog love now and give a little shout out to the ladies and gent (!) who attended last weekend. Spread love.



What do you love about collaborating with others? What are your favourite blogs? Share! 

E x 

Big thanks to the gorgeous Demelza Buckley (who I am proud to call my friend) for helping put the morning together and the awesome team at Babooshka Bar for listening to us talk net speak for hours. Mwah. x 


  1. twenty says

    What a great thing to do. Gathering with like minded people is always a positive. You should do it more often bloggers !!

  2. Great Blog Em!! Love it!~ Yes collaboration is the key 🙂 Looking forward to the next one and learning more from you lovely creatives! xxx

  3. Sounds fabulous, haven’t been to Babooshka Bar before, will need to check it out!

  4. Such a brilliant idea! Blogging can be an isolating affair. How lovely to get together with others who understand the lingo. Bron x

  5. cat@thatbettiething says

    Collaboration is fantastic! I found your blog from the Voices fb page – and now I’ve got more blogs to explore! Yay!

    • Welcome to the party hun! I love collaborating, it’s a total buzz! I’ll def be checking out your page too x

    • Perhaps you should organise a meet up! Or check out the Aussie bloggers page – pretty sure I’ve seen meet up’s put up xx

  6. jenni@stylingcurvy says

    How wonderful to have such fab connections with like minded people. love this

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