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EVENT: Fields, Oceans & Sunsets – Francesca Gnagnarella X Todd Cleave

A week or so back I touched on the topic of collaboration being key in creative relationships, and this post proves how important and inspirational it really can be. I was invited to check out abstract artist Francesca Gnagnarella‘s latest private exhibition a few weeks ago, and being a colour fiend I couldn’t say no. Colour makes me happy, and the last time I attended one of Francesca’s exhibitions at Neon Space Concept Gallery I was overwhelmed by the beauty and pizazz of her creations! This exhibition was a little different from the last though, as this time it was a collaborative venture with resin artist Todd Cleave. Artists working together to create magic, um yes please! 

Titled Fields, Oceans and Sunsets, the exhibition featured Francesca’s well known style in vibrant blues, yellows and golds, blurring together on canvas and Todd’s resin creations, evoking images in my mind of winter sunsets and days spent by the water. The pieces were dotted around Francesca’s beautiful home, and I love the vision she created on the evening. Seeing the lovely art (where it should be) on the walls of a home is a great way to really get the feel of how it will look in your own personal space. It is so much easier to imagine your own walls sporting a print if you see it in the flesh on display. Todd’s bowls and plates were perfectly imperfect, not one was the same, which I adored. The design worked so well with Francesca’s colour bursts, and this really was the perfect creative collaboration for the two artists. 


Although I didn’t purchase anything on the evening I did fall in love with a gorgeous bowl in bright orange, and at that second wished I wasn’t saving for a holiday so I could have taken it home with me. There is always next time Em! 

I know a lot of sales were made at the event, but if you’ve fallen in love with any of the beauty in this post get in touch with Francesca ASAP, you might be lucky enough to find the art you fell for is still for sale! 

What kind of art do you have at your house?

E x 


  1. twenty says

    Beautiful !! And a great idea for the two to collaborate this way.

  2. Wonderful post Em, thank you and you make me fall in love again with all those colours just looking at your yummy pics!!! 😀

  3. WOW!!! This looks incredible! We actually don’t have a huge amount of art at our house – lots of photos instead! Mind you, this makes me think twice!!

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