What I Wore: The White Stripes

TEE: Cotton On {exact match}, JEANS: Kmart Australia {similar here}, CARDIGAN: Big W {similar here}, HAT: ASOS {similar here}, LIPSTICK: Limecrime “CENTRIFUSCHIA” {exact match}

Please excuse the semi-awkward posing in my pictures today. This marks the completion of my first ever solo “What I Wore” shoot! That’s right friends, I’ve come across a shiny new tripod and I’m learning to snap myself. And wasn’t it an interesting morning. 

As you may all know I work at a hospital, and my shifts are all over the place. It may not be the best for my sleep routine (or skin) but it does give me a bit of free time to blog, which is always a bonus! And on this particular morning I woke up way earlier than I should and had some time to kill, and I knew today was the day to take my new toy out! The reason behind this birthday gift is kind of funny actually. You may know I have a few friendly faces who take my pictures, one being my E. She’s super supportive of my blogging adventures, but she does get so sick and tired of snapping me posing like a nut around the place. She’s one of those people who literally just presses the shutter button, praying for a miracle. And she generally gets said miracles, because she takes a mean snap, but the reason she got me the tripod was so I could go solo and do it all myself. Ha ha, very funny babe.



Lugging the tripod from my car I felt awkward as hell setting up on a busy street corner. As you can see the outfit I wanted to showcase is pretty chilled and not too OTT, so I needed a bit of a pop background wise. I’d been obsessing over this bright wall in my suburb, but heading out to shoot alone felt very scary and very silly. One internal pep talk later and I felt a little more stable to have a play. Last year I won myself a pretty spiffy Olympus O E D M10 camera through the Kidspot Voices of 2014 competition. Thankfully the magical camera has a Wifi function and I was able to connect my mobile phone to my camera and use it as a clicker. I’ll admit getting the hang of hiding my arm behind my back took time and concentration, but 264 snaps later I pretty much had it down. Tripod pro!




This is the kind of outfit I live in on the weekends. Relaxed, casual and comfortable, I feel very at home in my skinnies and bowler hat (you may remember it from my previous post). All black means attitude, so that is why I decided to add a simple pop of stripe in the form of a cardigan. You don’t know if or when the weather will turn these days! Tying things around your waist is kind of in this season (think flanno), and I thought a stripe would work just as well as its farmer brother. Stripes are basically a staple. I’d feel wrong without it somewhere on my bod every other day. Accessorised with favourite hat and a cute pair of black brogue-ish shoes, I took myself out for brunch post model shot.

I’ve not taken my tripod out again since the first time (perhaps I was psychologically scarred) and E still has to take my iPhone snaps (because I don’t have selfie stick, yet) but it was pretty cool to 1. face a fear and 2. try a new thing. Plus I’m sure my antics entertained the people driving on by! 




What was the scariest thing you’ve done lately?

E x 


  1. twenty says

    Great effort with your tripod !! Great shots.

  2. oh wow, you are braver than me! I feel really self conscious when my husband takes photos of me in public, probably a very good thing I’m not a fashion blogger! But I think its important to get out of your head sometimes and just forget about what everyone else thinks-who cares!?

    • I’m sure I gave the cars a good laugh! I felt silly but I just thought why not! I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere too obvious next time but it was def a learning experience! I still felt self conscious, that’s for sure hahah x

  3. I *must* get up the nerve to do this in public solo one day (by which I mean an alley somewhere).

    Damn, that sounds sketchy. Take photos I mean.

  4. GOLD! So super jealous you have wifi on your camera – that’s an amazing feature! I think your photos are gorgeous!

  5. Great work using the tripod! I take all my own blog photos and actually find it more comfortable then posing for someone else, I guess it’s just what you get used to! I always make sure I find a spot that is as deserted as possible and if/when people ask what the hell I’m doing I just tell them it’s a uni assignment… a bit easier then explaining the whole ‘I’m a personal style blogger’ to the uninitiated! Keep it up, you’ll get used to it 🙂 xx

    • Thanks Hannah, I may have to use that line hahaha! I found it quite limiting thus far so I need to get back out and try again I think! Practice practice practice! x

  6. Great wall! Not as in The Great Wall but as in, I think that’s a great wall I’m loving stripes at the mo!! You look great! Great, like the wall… 😉

  7. Wow good on you!! The scariest thing I do is a solo shoot in the backyard with a potential viewing by a neighbour!! I do like the idea of going public to broaden the backdrop opportunities!! Gets a bit boring at home. Love your stripes – great job xox

    • I got bored of my home back drop which is a shared car park (lol) pretty quickly, bet the neighbours thought I was nutty!

  8. Luffing the tripod efforts! The Blokefolk gave me a selfie stick for Mother’s Day. I thought it was weird but now I see how good it is! Much easier to get a good angle. Camera+ app has a timer function too. YAY!

  9. vickithefashionablemum says

    Great job with the tripod! I try and do my own shots but rarely venture out of the garden….

  10. You say white stripes, I say blue stripes (it’s that dress all over again!). I live in that shirt – it’s one of my signatures!

    • OMG that dress haha! It’s black and white, hahah. Isn’t the shirt great? I love cotton on tops, so easy!

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