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BEAUTY REVIEW: Muk Hair Care for a winter revamp

Dramatically changing your hair colour is not something to be taken lightly. Besides the obvious management of regrowth, fading colour and fortnightly top ups, you also have to consider who and what you’re putting in your mane. Thankfully my hairdresser was very specific with the products I can and cannot use on my hair. Or more so should and should not use. Because she’s not the hair police… (all of the time anyway)! One brand that made the “yes Em, you can use it” list was haircare specialists Muk. Known for salon quality products at decent prices, I was pleased to hear my hairdresser herself is a fan of the brand, so I was safe!

After returning from a tropical temp vaycay in Vietnam and Cambodia, my poor hair was a mess. Already a little dry post strip and dip, I desperately needed help on arrival home. And with Winter weather creeping in I knew it’d only get worse. Dodgy weather = damaged locks, and there is only one way to fix it – hair treatment time! Predicting the future and my hair predicament, the beautiful team at Muk sent me a Argon Oil Treatment and a Vidid Muk Colour Lock Shampoo and Conditioner pre holiday. I was dying to give the products a try, but I knew I had to save them until my return from travel. Smart move E. If you could have seen the mess my head was in you would have be astounded (you actually can on IG). Think dry bristly ends from the humidity, faded colour and permanent frizz. No tourist can pull off hot locks in 35 degree weather with 85% humidity, but if you do know the trick I’ll give you a prize.

The directions on the Argon Oil were very simple to follow, suggesting I shampoo and condition my hair first (I used the Vidid Muk Colour Lock duo), towel dry, then add a few drops to my palms, emulsify (rub them together) and just apply it to my hair! I decided to avoid my roots, because I didn’t want to add any extra oil to them, but focused on my dry and damaged ends post holiday.  


PACKAGING: Muk products look pretty slick and sexy, I was loving the strong silver cans the Vivid Muk Shampoo and Conditioner came in. Will they survive sitting in the shower? I hope so! A pop of red on the labels gives it an urban edgy feel and you know packaging is good when you can drop said bottle from a height with only a slight dent to the can (WOOPS)! No shampoo explosions so I’m a happy camper.

The Argon Oil is more classically packaged with a natural look, probably because that is the product to a tee! As part of the spa range it would look glam with its fellow team members casually placed on your bathroom counter top. Almost as if you have your own day spa at home!

SMELL AND TEXTURE: The Argon Oil smells sweet and natural with hints of aloe and almond. The texture is like any other oil based product, your hands will be a little slimy post use but nothing a good soap and water wash won’t fix. If you do use too much oil in your hair you may find it looking a bit shiny, so be aware you only need the tiniest drop to get results! 

The colour lock shampoo and conditioner post wash smells like you’ve been to the hair dresser at home. Fresh and luxe, no wonder it’s a salon preferred product! The texture is that of your usual hair cleaning friends, but I did find the conditioner was a lot creamier than the usual counter parts. You don’t need a lot, so again, use sparingly.  


THE VERDICT: 4/5 stars – your own hair salon experience at home? Yes please! No wonder my hair dresser is a Muk fan! These hair products are not your usual every day hair care! I almost felt like I’d been at the salon post usage. I can defiantly see myself using the Argon Oil between washes (which they do suggest) to keep my ends looking and smelling fresh. I was pleasantly surprised to see less Fudge Paint Box rolling down the drain when I did wash my hair, the colour lock shampoo was stubborn and kept my fresh dye job at bay! Thank god for that, because I certainly don’t have time for brassy locks again any time soon! Fresh hair for the change of season is always a positive too. 

You can find Muk products at all good hair care spots including Price Attack (shop here), or ask your hair dresser if they can get it through the salon. 

What is your top Winter hair care tip?

E x

Products gifted by Muk for my review, all opinions are my own. 


  1. twenty says

    Well, I have no wondrous hair tips for winter or summer but I just love the NAME of that product…..MUK. It makes a person want to give it a try just to get the muk in their hair and smoosh it round.

  2. Love the look of all of these. I am a low maintenance hair girl. I hardly use any products but I do use a mask instead of conditioner as my hair is so thick. Great review. Bron x

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