What I Wore: Prep School

SWEATER: Kmart Australia {new in store}, JEANS: Kmart Australia {new in store}, SHIRT: Milk & Honey {similar here}, NECKLACE: Lovisa, BROUGES: Kmart Australia {new in store}, LIPSTICK: Maybelline New York Colour Sensational in 440 Coral Fire {exact match}, SUNGLASSES: Cambodia markets {similar here}

You know you’re officially an adult when you meet up with friends for lunch and the conversation revolves around buying houses, holidays abroad with significant others and get this – buying a new dishwasher! Haha. Gone are the days when I’d meet up with friends and the conversation would revolve around random hook ups and organising a night of clubbing, but you know what, I’m quite okay with that. I can accept my friends and I are at a point in our lives where it’s all about growing up and moving forward. It’s an exciting (and scary) chapter for most of us. Don’t get me wrong, I’m personally not ready to be property shopping or planning a wedding, but I’m so excited for my friends who are doing so! And don’t worry, we still love a night out together with a few wines (or 27)… we’re not retiring just yet.


I’m not much of a preppy dresser, but I believe when I got dressed on Saturday morning I somehow knew it’d be a day of “playing adult” and I subconsciously dressed for the occasion. I love the prep look, especially when layering in Winter. I picked up this black sweater for under $20 at Kmart, falling in love with the plush feel and cool texture. I wasn’t quite sure how I’d style it, but I thought it’d work well with a monochrome print blouse I picked up on sale last season, and I was right! The combination of the two is slick yet still fun, and with the addition of a cute statement necklace I was pretty pleased with this look. See, you can still look preppy and expensive for cheap!

To be honest I’m not a huge fan of Winter dressing. I find it so much easier to chuck on a cute print dress and accessories in Summer, but in Winter you actually have to think about how you will style your outfit. The weather has been so up and down in Perth lately, and the sun has been warm! Thankfully when layering you are able to remove said layers if need be, and I’ll admit my sweater was removed later in the day. 
A good pair of jeans are my favourite Winter staple, and even though a lot of new styles have been around this season (seventies flairs, eek), I can’t stay away from a classic black skinny, especially when layering creates bulk, and you don’t want to lose your shape under all those clothes! I love Kmart’s range of jeans. They’re cheap and cheerful, and fit perfectly. I don’t have the longest legs but unlike other brands I don’t find myself having to roll this pair up. The length is perfect. 

These snaps were my second attempt at using my tripod. E and I have been sick post holiday so whilst she was suffering on the couch, I needed to do some shooting so I had to go alone! I still felt like a dickhead posing on the streets, but hey, I’m am adult now. Why should I worry about what anyone else thinks. When I was out and about shooting by myself all I could think about was a comment fellow Perth blogger Hannah from In The Dress Up Box left on my previous fashion post – she too shoots alone with a tripod and if anyone happens to ask her why she is prancing around on the streets she simply answers that she’s completing a uni assignment. What a brilliant idea! Thanks Hannah. I could definitely pass for a student, right? Maybe a mature aged one. Haha. I may have to continue with the preppy look this Winter… What do you think?


Which look or style genre would you love to try this Winter?

E x  


  1. Well this IS bizarre! I’m sitting here reading this in a shirt, jumper, chunky necklace and trousers! Yet again, great minds!

  2. You are so welcome my dear! These pictures turned out perfectly!! Once when I was taking outfit shots a man and his young son walked passed me and the boy asked his dad what I was doing, his dad replied that I was taking ‘old fashioned selfies’ hahaha! You’ll be a master of the old fashioned selfie in no time!

  3. Love the Preppy look on you! Loving the photos with your tripod too. Looking fab. Ps- I wish I was buying a dishwasher. Three years without a dishwasher for this family of five. That’s a whole lotta dishes. Bron x

    • I know right, a dish washer would make my life so much easier! I envy my friend who just got one. I can’t imagine dishes for 5!!! Two people is enough hahaa. Xx

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