Rainbow of thoughts. 

About 80% of my Facebook friends are currently sporting a rainbow stained profile picture in support of equal marriage rights. That 80% are a mixture of both gay and straight people, some married, some single, some over 30, some under. People from all different walks of life, but share one thing in common – they all believe in the right to live equally. As I scrolled through my feed over the weekend, colour is basically all I saw, and it was so beautiful to see the amount of support floating around. I know some of you may disagree, but the US taking the step and breaking down barriers is a huge leap for human rights. Not just gay rights, human rights. Because at the end of the day we are all the same. I’m certainly no expert when it comes to politics and religion but I know love, and as I said on my personal Facebook page this week if I ever want to start planning a wedding it is already going to be an emotional time without the government being involved. I just want to go along, live my life, loving who I want to love. How is my personal life actually affecting anyone else to the point of no return? I love Australia, but we really are a little bit backwards when it comes to the basic principle of equality. I couldn’t help falling in love with E, just like Tony Abbott couldn’t help falling in love with his wife. I’m so happy for the US. When will we be able to feel that proud of our country?


But with the good comes the not so good, and I actually found myself deleting a blog subscription after an opinion post regarding marriage equality popped up online. For and against posts have been all over the internet this week but this particular one did not resonate well with me. I’m not going to name and shame anyone because I actually did enjoy the other content on this specific blog, but when I read that said blogger was “praying for my sins”, I wasn’t impressed. I don’t need your prayer, I’m quite happy with my life thank you very much. Perhaps you can dedicate said prayer to a “minority” as you say who needs it more than me and my friends. Perhaps the poor need your prayer. Or the terminally ill. But not the gays, they’ve got enough glitter on their side to keep them sparkling. I’m not much of a rainbow flag wielding lass, but I don’t appreciate unnecessary and hurtful comments online. People should be more wary when they decide to go on a rant, especially when the topic can be considered quite sensitive for some. I know that is what a blog is for, but sometimes you need to think of the consequences, because once you post something online it is there to stay. So that is why I made the decision to unfollow said blogger. It’s nothing again your usual stuff and I’m sure you’re a good person, I just don’t need to wake up to those kinds of blatant stabs in face for something I can’t control, and you cannot either. I’ll take my rainbow profile picture and avoid thanks!

And with that I want to leave you with a beautiful quote by the brilliant Carly Findlay of Tune Into Radio Carly


Did you change your profile picture to a rainbow over the weekend? Why or why not? 

E x

*This post wasn’t written to offend or hurt anyone, I just felt like I had to comment for once in my life, haha. 


  1. I did rainbowfy my profile picture for a few days (and good on you FB for making it so easy too!) and so did loads of my friends which was great. Some didn’t – including some gay friends, some who explained why – and that’s fine too. I did delete an acquaintance for ranting about people “trending to the minority” but no loss there. Looking forward to Australia catching up. #LoveWins

  2. twenty says

    Where is you usual talk about clothing, breakfasts and lovely artwork?

  3. Great post! I did the rainbow flag very proudly, and was so incredibly happy for the US and the world for the step in the right direction. I had to unfollow a blog a few weeks ago when they wrote a piece shaming Caitlyn Jenner and transgender people in general. I wasn’t going to argue with them or write hate (just as you didn’t name and shame the blog you mentioned), I simply unfollowed. Just as I would encourage anyone who didn’t agree with my rainbow flag or opinions to do to me.

  4. jenni@stylingcurvy says

    I sure did! I love joining in especially for something I support…and rainbows! I have 5 gay family members, grew up with gay friends, worked with gays, partied with them, nursed by them….the point is, they are people who deserve the exact same priveleges that I have. Equality based on humanity not religion or sexual orientation. I hope Australia gets it right real soon x

    • And the rainbow pretty was so fun! Thanks for popping by Jenni, I’m glad we share the same POV that people are people xx

  5. I displayed a rainbow pic and I was so proud to do so. You said it. It’s not just ‘gay’ rights. It’s human rights. We should all support it, no matter what walk of life we’re from, because equality is important for everyone. I don’t know if it was the same blogger but I unfollowed somebody too. I think it’s very condescending and sanctimonious (and honestly passive aggressive) to claim to love all people and then say that you will pray for their souls because basically they’re choosing sin.
    I have several friends who are gay (some who came out in their 20s after I’d known them a while) and I could not follow this blog in good conscience, despite liking the non fire and brimstone content they did post. I can appreciate many different beliefs and opinions in a lot of matters but some things just aren’t what I want to surround myself with in my offline or online life.
    Thanks for writing the post that lay unwritten in my brain all week (giving me terrible writer’s block haha) x

    • I normally don’t post anything like this Kez but sometimes things get to me and it’s easier to write them down. I don’t get unnecessary and uneducated posts, they really make me stop and wonder about people in general. Thanks so much for stopping by! xx

  6. It’s sad that someone’s religious beliefs – broadcast publicly in the name of supposed ‘free speech’ – are SO HURTFUL to so many. I think it’s inexcusable. And that there are no apologies to those hurt? Also inexcusable. And that it’s all tied up with a ‘you’re an unnatural sinner! but i sin too!’ bow. That’s a cop-out designed to silence debate and it totally sucks. I can’t imagine how it feels to be vilified because you are YOU, but I am sorry that it happens. And gobsmacked that it does – in the name of religion. MUCH LOVE to you. #LoveWins

    • Thanks Pip. I totally agree about the comments being justified with “but I sin too”, because if we’re all sinners then why pick on one group anyway. X

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  9. I love the question you posed in your post and frames your perspective so well: “How is my personal life actually affecting anyone else to the point of no return?” I think the shift of paradigms in politics towards the legalization of same sex marriages is the start of an even greater human rights movement. I don’t see why it took so long, people are uncomfortable with change, but good that it did.

    I am very glad, with 2 of my best friends being gay, to see the acceptance and movement toward human equality and fair treatment. No one should be demonized for their life choices, especially in todays society of choice and autonomy.

    Great post. We should connect, come check me out! Just search “Toronto Life Coach on Google, I am studying under Master Life Coach Bruno LoGreco. Keep up the inspiring work!

    • Glad you enjoyed the post Andrew. It’s true, how does ones personal business really affect every one? I hope this coming year sees other countries get behind the much needed movement.

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