What I Wore: The Winter Coat

COAT: Jay Jays {similar here}, JEANS: Kmart Australia {new in store}, HEELS: Kmart Australia {on sale in store}, LIPSTICK: Maybelline New York Colour Sensational in 440 Coral Fire {exact match}, SUNGLASSES: Cambodia markets {similar here}

The Winter Coat. It’s definitely a staple, and every woman should have at least three in her wardrobe. At least. Confession time, this gorgeous red coat is actually E’s, but luckily she is more than willing to share her wardrobe with me. It’s the perfect coat for beating the Winter blues, and that is what I wanted to discuss today. 

Is it just me or is anyone else lacking motivation due to the weather? I’m finding myself more prone to curling up on the couch with a cuppa than actually getting out and living this Winter. Yes, I’ve been busy, but I’m literally having to push myself to get moving this season. There are so many fun events and things happening at the moment but I’ve been struggling to leave home. There are only so many times you can blame the rain! A few weeks back I actually spent an hour getting ready for an event but when I stepped outside and found it pouring down I actually did a double take. Even though I was all dressed up and super excited to see a friend, I was hesitant to leave the warmth of our apartment and actually called said friend to make sure she still wanted to go out even though it was pouring down. Thankfully she was still keen to go, forcing me to get in the car and leave the house, but I nearly didn’t!


How do you beat the rainy day blues? I have come up with a few ideas to share with you all, but I’d love to hear yours! 

1. Go to bed as early as possible on the nights you are home

As nice as it is to sleep in on a rainy day, if you push yourself to go to bed relatively early you’ll be more inclined to get up and do things the next day! Your body clock will continue a regular routine and you’ll wake up with plenty of time for fun. There is no point in wasting a morning off, even if lying in sounds like a dream! 

2. Plan an outing at a location you’ve been itching to check out

Dying to check out a certain cafe or bar? Organise your catch ups at places you have been really wanting to visit. If seeing a friend isn’t motivation enough to get you moving, knowing you’ll be visiting a spot on your wish list will be an added bonus. If your cafe wish list is as long as mine you’ll have a new location to scope out every weekend for the next six months. Your local can wait till Summer. It’s not going anywhere!


3. Head out straight after work

One of my biggest problems is as soon as I get home and sit down on the couch, or change out of my work clothes into soft pants, I know I’m not moving for the rest of the evening. Plan to meet people straight after work, or run a few errands before you do go out or you will get stuck in the warmth of your blanket fort. Do not sit down in your comfy clothes. I repeat, do not do it. It’ll only end in breaking plans.

4. Schedule some free time in your week

Of course we need a break sometimes, but instead of hibernating for the entire rainy season, organise your time wisely. Schedule in a few days or nights at home so you can relax and recover. Plus you’ll be more motivated to head out if you’ve just had some time to yourself.

Housekeeping and self motivation aside, now to this outfit. Stripes are a staple. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! At last count I had about eight striped tee’s and now I’m collecting long sleeved stripes for Winter. This Kmart top caught my eye when I noticed the sweet lace detail on the bottom. Pretty and practical. Paired with my favourite jeans and the Winter coat, this is the kind of outfit I could happily take from day to night with a change of jewellery and shoes. On the note of shoes how cute are these nude pumps, also from Kmart. Guess how much I paid for them… $15! Score. I’ve been hunting down a nude heel for months and when I saw this classic pair I knew I couldn’t pass them up. They’re actually on sale at the moment so get in store quick if you’re a fan. 


You don’t want to know what my schedule looks like for the next few weeks. As excited as I am to have plenty to do, I’m pretty sure I’ll have to read my own post as motivation to get moving. I just need to remember to keep a healthy balance of work, rest and play, or Winter may just catch up to me!

How do you beat the Winter blues? What sort of coat or jacket are you loving this season?

E x  

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  1. twenty says

    LOVE the red jacket. Good tips for keeping people motivated in the cold weather !!

  2. Red looks good on you! Having a great winter wardrobe definitely gets me more motivated to head out in winter! So is going for regular runs. I find that I’m warm for most of the day after my workout. Happy winter!

    • Any excuse to shop honey! Running isn’t really my thing, I’m so uncoordinated, but perhaps a brisk walk! x

  3. Great tips on beating the rainy weather blues! I agree with the early nights. I have been trying to beat insomnia this last week and a few good nights sleep is definitely helping. I love how high end you make this outfit look even though each piece is not expensive. Thanks for sharing. Bron x

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