Taking Stock: The Winter Edition

Let the rain fall down! As you may have heard me mention in the past I’m not a huge fan of Winter. Especially when we’ve only recently returned from a tropical vacation overseas in Vietnam and Cambodia where the weather was epic. It was so great to escape the initial few throws of Winter, but were hit full force when we returned. So much so I had to get straight to the shops on my return to pick up some more warm clothes. Any excuse to go shopping. 

So what else has been happening lately? Besides the post holiday blues (you can read the first three posts about my trip here, here and here) I’ve been thrown straight back into crazy town at the office. I’ve been working some nutty hours lately and feel like I’ve spent more time at my desk than at home in the past few weeks, but that’s life I guess. Tis the season for illness, so work has been particularly busy (I work at an emergency department) with all the coughs and flus floating around. I too have been a bit sick picking up a respiratory tract infection post trip, which has left me with a tickling, gross cough. If anyone has any natural remedies please send them my way! I’m getting a bit desperate as nothing is working and it won’t leave me alone. 

Blog wise I’ve been meeting up with a few other Perth bloggers to come up with some fun collaborative ideas! It’s always great to get together with fellow creatives. It really pushes you to think outside the box and try new things! One of the projects I’ll be working on is VERY out of the box for me, so if you want to see me out of my comfort zone you better watch this space!

And on that note, it’s time for my regular stock take. I love reflecting on the last few months. It really makes you focus on the good and the bad and pushes you to focus on achieving your goals. Thanks again for the great idea Pip
I’ve been…

Making: Plans for world domination. Well, not world domination, but #girlboss style domination.

Cooking: Anything and everything since we got back from Vietnam and Cambodia. This Donna Hay BLT pasta was an instant winner at our house! 

Drinking: Coffee, everywhere. My new go-to coffee shop is conveniently located only 1KM down the road and serves all of the milks. Check out The Coffee Corner Como for a treat!

Reading: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson (finally). I actually managed to get through five books whilst traveling. Long bus trips with no wifi can be a blessing!

Wanting: A sleep in. It probably won’t happen any time soon. My body clock has been totally warped lately. Any tips friends?

Looking: Forward to the week E and I have booked off in October to head down south with some friends. Bring on wine and truffles and cheese and beach and all of the best things in life.

Playing: Mercy by Muse, Ghost by Halsey and Feel My Pain by Kurt Vile.

Deciding: Whether I like having blue hair. I’m not convinced. Time to wash my hair seven times so it washes out. What colour next?

Wishing: We were back in Siem Reap in Cambodia. It was seriously beautiful. I’ve definitely caught the travel bug… Time to start saving!

Enjoying: My new Kmart and Big W Winter purchases. Think denim and chunky knits. Plus leopard print. Weeee! More of that coming to the blog soon.

Waiting: To find out if I’ve been made permanent at work. I re-interviewed for my position pre-holiday and I still haven’t heard anything. You know what government is like though – slow!

Liking: The latest season of Australia’s Next Top Model. The winner definitely deserved it! And new Fashion Bloggers on E!

Wondering: If I can make it down south anytime soon. Missing my family. So much on this month that the next few weekends are already packed!

Loving: The FB rainbow for marriage equality, preppy fashion, Tabella in Fremantle for a good honest breakfast and my beautiful friends.

Pondering: The future, always.

Considering: A new pair of sneakers. Yes, you heard me right.

Watching: Banked up episodes of Wonderland I’ve had sitting on the Foxtel IQ since March. Whoops.

Hoping: The blogging course I’ve been working through will benefit my blog in the long run. Fingers crossed!

Marvelling: At the pro skills of Emer Rose Makeup Artist. Read more about her top beauty essentials here.

Needing: An eyebrow wax – any suggestions for a great beautician in Perth?

Smelling: The Muk shampoo I washed my hair with earlier. Yum!

Wearing: Currently? Pyjama pants and a singlet. Sex on legs.

Following: @sassclothing for cute clothes, @slutwalkperth to stay in the loop on the upcoming event and @nasilemakkorner for delicious food snaps.

Noticing: How many people didn’t believe a word of what Belle Gibson said in her 60 minutes interview. I agree with them. What did you think

Knowing: I have so many pictures to edit. Avoiding.

Thinking: I need to slow down a little, but I have no idea how…

Feeling: Permanently exhausted. See above.

Admiring: Clementine Ford. No description needed. 

Sorting: Out my clothes and donating to the op shops for Winter.

Buying: A new heater for our bedroom. So toasty!

Getting: Excited for Bird On A Wire’s annual fashion high tea for charity. Tickets are still available people!

Bookmarking: The latest blog posts by The Stylish Teacher, Beth at Almost Posh and Miami blogger Talitha’s Take.

Disliking: Some of the blog posts I have read post the US announcing marriage equality for the entire country. My thoughts are here.

Opening: A new tube of Garnier moisturiser. It’s now out usual daily face cream so I’ll let you know how I go… I love Garnier though so I’m sure it’ll be amazing.

Giggling: At Pitch Perfect 2 (still). Saw it last weekend and I loved it!

Snacking: On The Bar Counter’s amazing range of sweet treats. Obsessed with the banana one.

Coveting: This necklace, this dress and this hat. Do I need them – no! 

Wishing: It was home time already!

Helping: Hannah from We Are Dannah organise a “Perth Blogger Meet Up” this month. If you’re a Perth blogger and you’re keen to head along let me know for details.

Hearing: The rain falling down outside. That is one thing I do like about Winter. It’s so nice to fall asleep to!

Now it’s your turn… what are you looking forward to? Noticing lately? Liking? 

E x  


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    A busy few weeks for you hey? well, you manage to squeeze a lot in !! And equally shocked by that hoax blogger on sixty minutes.

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