SPIN THE PIN JULY EDITION {Fashion Challenge with @iCurvy}

TEE: Dotti {similar here}, JEANS: Kmart Australia {available in store}, HAT: Oh Henry Vintage, SUNGLASSES: Cambodia Markets, SHOES: Kmart Australia {available in store}, BAG: Gift, LIPGLOSS: The Body Shop in “Grapefruit” {similar here}

I love taking part in fashion challenges, but I’ll honestly say sometimes they scare the crap out of me. And scared was exactly how I felt when I saw this months prompt for Spin The Pin with blogger Jo of iCurvy. Print clashing has always been one trend I have avoided, as I don’t have the fashion confidence to rock a stripe and check combo that my fellow bloggers do. They make it look so effortless, and well, cool, but if I attempted that kind of thing I think I’d look like a circus escapee! I spent at least an hour staring into my wardrobe, pulling out dress after dress, pairing them with a clashing print scarf or jacket and then just putting them back. I knew I wanted to partake in this months challenge, but at the end of the day I still need to be me. And stick to my simple style. So I did. Here’s the pin for the month. I know right. Blogger Not Dressed As Lamb is rocking the print combo, but now do you get why I was so frightened? This lady has such bold, amazing style confidence!


My “version” of July’s pin is a go to for all of you who want to try print clashing, but don’t know how. Leopard and stripes somehow work together, without looking too over the top. When clashing prints remember to stick to a balance of print and base colour. I paired a simple pair of black skinny jeans and a fun thrifted hat with the leopard and stripes, because I didn’t want to take away from the clash. This outfit still felt “me” and I actually took it out to lunch with friends. Subtle, but still fun. Hopefully I’ll get over my fear of this trend, but for now I’ve got to keep it “Emma”.


Don’t forget you can play along with Spin The Pin too! All you have to do is draw inspiration from Jo’s pin, tag her on Instagram (@iCurvy) and hashtag #spinthepin! And if you blog, link up via her website. Each new pin is released at the end of the month, giving you plenty of time to plan your spin. So many great bloggers have gotten involved too, so check them out for some great fashion inspo.

Which fashion trend scares the hell out of you? 

E x 


  1. love it Em! Stripes and leopard are a classic combo and it suits your style so well, good work! Skinny jeans scare me…I have a pair but I never wear them for fear of emphasising my big legs. EEK!

    • Um, your legs are not big! I’ve even worn skinnies at my heaviest, as I was more comfortable in them than other pants! Just do it lovely x

  2. twenty says

    All fashion trends scare the hell out of me actually,,,,,hahahaha. I like your stripes n leopard print together, looks great.

  3. I always see stripes and leopard cited as a print “clash” but in my opinion, it’s THE perfect print pairing! Looking great! I need to get around to spinning the pin soon.

  4. You look fabulous and confident in stripes and leopard! The hat adds another level of coolness – love it!! Leopard is one trend that scares me. I just can’t seem to pull it off. But I love seeing others rock it xox

    • Aw thanks lovely! I really do like this outfit, especially cos the hat was free! YAY hahah. Def try leopard, I think you’d rock it!

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  6. Yuss, your outfit is amazing! I rarely pattern clash, but when I do I like to keep things simple – stripes and animal print are the perfect combo!

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