What I Wore: Moody Blue

SHIRT: Kmart Australia {new in store}, JEANS: Kmart Australia {new in store}, BROGUES: Kmart Australia {similar here}, LIPSTICK: Maybelline New York Colour Sensational in 440 Coral Fire {exact match}, CLUTCH: Cambodia markets, SCARF: Supre {similar here}

The look of this shoot turned out a little bit grungy and dark, but I didn’t mind it. Actually, come to think of it it’s suited my mood lately. Winter blues is well and truly rocking around my head as of late. I don’t actually have anything to worry about in the big picture, but I’ve been a little crabby and very over tired, and now I’m sick – again! As a blogger I’m invited to at least two to three events every week, from gallery exhibitions to shopping parties to restaurant relaunches. I love it. It’s so fun to get out and experience new places and spaces with like mind creatives, and normally I choose maybe one or two to get to, but this week I squished in three (plus one late last week), making me a very tired blogger. I know I can say no, but it’s very much FOMO with me. I don’t want to miss out! I hate turning down invites, but I know I need to start choosing the right events for me or I’ll burn out again! My health is important and I’m cheeky and love neglecting it. My friend S asked me on the weekend how I handle not having any free time! I didn’t really think about it, but I guess I schedule in chunks of free time around the blog, which should probably be the other way around.


I’ve also been “studying” again. This time a blog course by Brand Meets Blog guru Louisa-Claire. I love the idea of being a blog student, but I’ve found myself falling behind in the modules because I don’t have the time. Two extra hours per day would be nice please!

So that is why I’ve been a bit moody lately. Sorry to anyone who’s been around me. Haha. I actually found myself getting grumpy at work the other day and had to stop myself from letting it build up. A few deep breaths and the negativity building up disappeared. I’ll definitely be remembering that technique in the future.


Now to this outfit which has become a bit of a Winter go-to. When I’m not prancing around town in a lady like get up, you’ll find me living in jeans. Besides the comfort factor they are just so easy to pair with different combinations to create a new look. I picked up this fab denim shirt at my happy place Kmart recently, and paired with my jeans it has become an effortless favourite. You may remember this leopard print scarf from a few other posts (some different ways to style leopard print here and here) and again, I’ve fallen in love with it this season. I love the bit of drama it brings to the somewhat simple outfit, which would help if I move from day to night with a change of shoes! Did you notice my clutch? I actually spotted it at the markets in Siem Reap, Cambodia. It’s made from recycled tarp! The pretty mermaid caught my eye, and I couldn’t leave it overseas. What do you think?

Have you been fighting the blues lately? What are your techniques for time management? 

E x 


  1. Love the bag chick! Think I need to book a holiday, you’ve inspired me xx

  2. twenty says

    Love those pics….love the clutch too. Moody Blues, reminds me of Elvis,,,,,,

    Time management, that’s a tricky one. One person can only do so much. You always need ‘rest’ and time to recoup and rejuve and be at your best for whatever is upcoming.

  3. vickithefashionablemum says

    Love the outfit but not loving having the blues! We haven’t had a holiday for over a year and it is hard going. Never fear, Kmart had bikinis being delivered today so summer must be on its way!

  4. I think packing so much into your blogging event schedule can make things hectic too. I’ve just started only accepting invites to events that either 100% match up with my blog content and/or find myself really interested in because for a while I was always about saying “Yes” to every single invite sent my way just to go/the fear of missing out.

  5. Ah, I wrote a whole long comment and then it disappeared, never mind.
    Regarding the numerous blogging events, I was also like that – I would say yes and attend everything for the fear of missing out. I think it’s smarter to just attend the ones you are either really interested in or those that match your blog content. I’ve gone to events just for the sake of going and regretted the time spent getting ready, travelling there, wasting my time, wished I had stayed home, etc.

    • I see both Ange 🙂 I know what you mean, it’s a bit of a catch 22 because you so want to be invited to the next one and if you don’t attend a certain thing you may miss out! That’s just me anyway. Getting Sick after my crazy week proves I need to take it easy x

  6. LOVE the clutch – it’s gorgeous, what a great find. And the Kmart shirt is so effortlessly cool. I have been looking for a chambray shirt so need to get myself to Kmart soon. Being tired and moody is not fun. Hope you get some more sleep, sleep-ins and relaxation time soon xo

  7. Em, I have been a crabby beast lately too. You’re not alone. I love the shirt and that scarf is right up my alley. I think learning to say no will really help you in the long run. Stay healthy! Bron x

  8. Mica says

    Sorry to hear you’ve been sick and unwell – that would make me grumpy too! Hope you feel better and get some rest soon.

    On an outfit note, I like the leopard print scarf with the denim shirt 🙂

  9. It’s all about work life balance – but the thing about balance is that it is a see saw. As soon as you’ve achieved the perfect balance, something changes and it needs to be reworked to get it to balance again.

    So I aim to plan. I batch work. I schedule. I say no. A lot. I prioritise. What always wins is my family.

    • Lack of balance is totally my problem. This week is going to be all about me and E and family and chill time and I cannot wait xx

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