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If you’re looking for good, honest food in a beautiful, modern setting then you must pop by the new and improved Flour Factory. I was kindly offered an invite to the Queen Street eatery’s relaunch last week, and I couldn’t believe the transformation! On my previous visit last year we sampled Summer cocktails on the rooftop and marvelled over lambchetta and chorizo, but what was once a smaller, hole in the wall type of joint is now a more luxe dining experience with a soho vibe. Stunning lights hang above a handmade wooden bar, while the kitchen is open for diners to watch their meals being prepared. The main bar area is large and features lounges in the window to sit and drink, and watch the world go by, whilst tables are dotted around the space if you’re looking for a more private dining experience. 

Andy Freeman (of Darlings Supper Club and Luxe Bar) is in the know when it comes to delicous eats. The space (which was once a flour mill back in the day) has been transformed into a foodie delight, with majority of products including bread and butter being created on site. Relaunch guests dined on gourmet pizza and the most decadent cheese and charcuterie boards known to (Perth) man kind, also sampling the freshly baked loaves made that day. All of the flour used at the restaurant is milled on site too (paying homage to the buildings roots), so you know you’ll be enjoying fresh, quality ingredients made locally. As well as fancy pizza and meat galore, the menu also boasts amazing dude food hotdogs in every flavour, quality steaks and sweet treats for the dessert lovers.


The bar is packed with local gems, including the TFF Vermouth produced exclusively in Margaret River by Howard Park Wines for the Perth restaurant. I don’t think I had ever tried the sweet, fortified wine before, but I’ve certainly been converted! I’ll admit I knocked back three or four glasses of the beautiful poison. If you’re not really into sweet beverages, gin is also a bar star at The Flour Factory, with over fifty varieties being served. And if you’re more of a sherry fan, you’ll find The Sherry bar upstairs, ready to cater to your fancy needs. 

So next time you’re in the city and craving a quality meal or a cold beverage, give The Flour Factory a go. It’s open for lunch and dinner, plus late night to wash away your day. You’ll be very impressed.


What is your drink of choice?

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  1. Can’t wait to get in there & give it a try! I was there just pre-reno!! Is that Jess from Master Chef in the kitchen I spy…?

  2. twenty says

    I see the Master Chef missy there too!! How nice to be invited to the re launch. Great pics and write up, as always.

  3. Nicole says

    Love love love — but you’re making me hungry again!

  4. We had such a great night at that event last year and swore we would return. You have given me the nudging reminder I needed! Did they still have those amazing Mac-eclairs?

  5. That looks fab – I’m a summer time G&T and in winter switch to a Negroni….but any white spirit in a cocktail will do…

  6. Ok, I have only just eaten but that cheese platter has me drooling! Looks like a very cool place to hang out. The big question for me is….what did you wear? Bron x

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