Beauty essentials for surviving the Perth Winter

With a change of season comes a slight change in beauty product rotation, and I wanted to share my current loves with you all today. I’ve been taking care of my hair this Winter with Muk products (more about winter hair care here), but what have I been putting on my face and bod? For me Winter is all about lathering up and protecting my skin, keeping it looking fresh and adding a bit of pizazz to beat the chill. Here is what I’ve been loving this month.

1. Star & Rose Nail File ($5)

I don’t know about you but for some reason my nails grow wild in the colder months! I find myself having to cut and trim them every few days. Keeping them neat is even harder though, especially since dying my hair my nails normally match whatever colour is in my hair. Eek! That is why I’ve been obsessing over my “Foxy Fables” nail file because it’s helped to keep my nails in check this season. Thick, yet flexible, this nail file is tough enough to shape and tidy my nails without snapping or breaking them. Plus the cute pink and floral pattern is a winner! Whilst I couldn’t find this particular file online, Priceline has an extensive range of nail care products to suit even the toughest of finger and toe nails.

2. Palmers Cocoa Butter Concentrated Cream ($4.39)

Whilst this product isn’t one I’d normally wear daily in the warmer months, it is absolutely perfect for the cold. Like your typical cocoa butter, but a lot thicker, I love slathering up in the sweet smelling cream in Winter. The concentrated formula is perfect for my legs and elbows in the cold, as I tend to get really dry ankles at the first sign of under 12 degree weather! Although it is thick, the product soaks in pretty quickly, quenching your skins thirst and leaving it smooth and smelling tasty! It is not greasy either! I have tried regular versions of this product over the years, but I’ve found the concentrated version a lot better for me. Dry conditions equals dry skin, and as I still live in dresses and skirts throughout the season I like to keep my legs in tip top shape. Plus you can use the product on your arms, elbows or even just as a hand cream! 

3. Kit Cosmetics Liquorice All Soap ($15) 

You should know by now how I go nuts over anything that smells sweet and delicious in the bathroom. I obsess over Lush’s soap range (more Lush goodness coming to the blog soon) and Kit Cosmetics’ range is almost up there with Lush! This liquorice scented soap was actually a Christmas gift, but the packaging was so lovely that I didn’t want to open it till now! The soap is fragrant and lathers up easily. And guess what? It actually does smell like lollies. Life is too short to use boring soap products so you won’t find Palmolive in my shower. I like the tastier products even if it is just for bathing! You can find Kit Cosmetics at Mecca or if you’re in Perth at enex100

4. ECO LIPS Pure & Simple Coconut Lip Balm ($7.95)

Lip care is essential in Winter! Does anyone else suffer from dry, chapped lips as soon as the temperature drops? I wear a lot of bright lipstick, but when I’m not I like to keep my lips hydrated with this amazing coconut oil based balm. All organic and nasty free, this brand glides on, leaving my lips feeling fresh and smooth. Got to keep your lips prepped all year round, right? This product actually lives in my hand bag for work, because the air conditioning in my office runs all year round, and I’m constantly rehydrating throughout the day. It leaves a slight shine, but nothing too OTT for the office. I actually picked up this product at a health food store, so keep an eye out next time you’re shopping for vegetables and organic tea. The brand also has a few other fab flavours including cocoa and coffee! Yes please!

5. ORLY Mini Nail Lacquers ($24)

I’ve admitted in the past that I’m not the most professional with a nail polish brush, but when I won these super sweet polishes in a competition via blogger Suger Coat It I knew it was the time to get practising. I tend to wear a lot of darker shades in the fashion stakes during Winter, so painting my nails is the pop I need to add a bit of colour to my style in the colder months. This polish glides on perfectly, and the smaller brush is a lot easier to work with than some. The feminine, neutral tones work with almost every outfit and I’m particularly partial to the nude polish for obvious reasons. My nails look clean, neat and pretty without being too extreme for work and play. I love bright, vibrant tones in Summer, but Winter calls for a more subtle nail, and I can’t say enough good things about ORLY. Try it for yourself!

What are your Winter beauty essentials?

E x


  1. Hello 🙂 found you via Fabulous and Fun life link up! Love the Palmers cream!! Ive found a beautiful argan oil by Swisse which is keeping my skin glowing through the colder months! 🙂

  2. twenty says

    Are they chocky’s at the top??? love ’em.

  3. jenni@stylingcurvy says

    I can’t go past rose hip oil, water and a lip balm

  4. love palmers cocoa butter, that is definitely an essential of mine, and I also love the body shop lip balm in pomegranate for the chapped lips you get during the cold 😦

    Serene | I Am Serene L

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