What I Wore: Monochrome and Midi Skirts

TEE: Dotti, SKIRT: Ally Fashion {exact match}, HEELS: Kmart Australia {on sale in store}, LIPSTICK: Lime Crime Velvetines in Utopia {exact match}, BAG: Gifted, HAT: Big W {similar here}

Attending multiple events every month can be very stressful on my wallet. Even though I’m a bargain hunter, I still find myself popping to the shops to pick up a new outfit for events, as you can’t be photographed in the same outfit twice, right? That statement sounds ridiculous, but in the somewhat superficial world of fashion blogging, people tend to notice if you’re rocking the exact same look. That is why I always mix and match older pieces with a new statement piece so I’m still getting use out of my older clothes, but my outfit doesn’t look exactly the same! Take this outfit for example. The skirt is new but the top is ancient. I’ve already blogged it here last Summer. And the hat, also a few months old, blogged here. But combined with the new skirt and heels, it looks completely different and I felt confident and fresh for a recent event held at Times Square in Claremont.

Do you find yourself comparing yourself to other people? Unfortunately I do have that problem and I’ll spend a lot of time wondering if whatever I do decide to wear to certain things will be appropriate and in sync with the other guests. I recently attended an event and kept it pretty casual. As soon as I walked in the door I was bombarded by a large amount of designer dresses and bags. I immediately felt a little bit out of place, and had to stop and remind myself that I still too looked nice, even though I was a lot more casual than some. Plus there were still a lot of casual dressers in the room. The comparison game is a killer. This is something I need to work on, because at the end of the day it should be about how I feel in my clothes, not how other people feel about them. I’m only human though.


Now on to this outfit. As much as I love jeans, a midi is the perfect Winter skirt as you’re not freezing your butt off, yet still looking cute and feminine. This new find was a tiny $30 at Ally, and I was so excited by the price tag as it looks a lot more expensive. I received many compliments on the skirt last week, and my friends couldn’t believe how cheap it really was! Score! I will admit I did struggle finding a top to match the skirt, as I didn’t want to take away from the striped pattern, so simple black and white it was. I don’t normally wear a full on monochrome outfit, because it’s obvious how much I love colour, so I had to add a little pop of Em with these super cute Kmart leopard print heels. At only $9 (OMG) I probably should have picked up three pairs. If you’re a fan and in Perth, I found these babies at Garden City, Booragoon for under a tenner. They also had maroon and nude heels for $9, so get in quick ladies! 

One great thing about attending blogger events though, is there is always someone willing to take your picture! These snaps were taken by the lovely Hannah from We Are Dannah. She was more than willing to get behind the camera, so I was lucky I didn’t have to harass E for a snap when I got home, or lug the trusty tripod out for a selfie session!


Do you compare yourself to others? What was your latest amazing purchase?

E x 


  1. Your outfit is co cute!
    I actually prefer it when people turn up to events in outfits they want to wear as opposed to wearing things based on impressing/keeping up with others. Sometimes people rock up wearing EVERYTHING designer and it looks try hardish.
    I’m with you on the buying a new outfit before every event. I get stressed the week leading up to one, thinking I have nothing to wear and then blow my money on an outfit just to wear specifically for a couple of hours. It’s so stupid.

    • Thanks Ange! I always try and buy something I’ll know I’ll wear again, something me. It is def a lot of pressure, that’s for sure!

  2. Love that skirt so much. It looks amazing on you and love the way you’ve styled it. Yep I compare myself to others ALL the time. But I think I’m getting better at being happy to be different sometimes. Sadly I’m still doing No Buy July so no recent purchases for me xo

  3. I feel that I know myself well enough now to be comfortable in my outfit choices. I prefer to be overdressed (I have always been this way) than under dressed and so I find casual events tricky to dress for. I love that you admit to comparison. Of course we all compare ourselves – its so hard not to. I am glad you came to the realisation that you looked fab too. Bron x

    • Thanks Bron. I’m seriously going to work on it because there is no point wasting my time comparing! I’m an individual and I need to remember that 🙂 x

  4. twenty says

    Well, I most definitely don’t compare myself to others. Never have, never will, but do understand what you are saying here considering all the events and so forth that you attend and I imagine its sometimes hard to know whether an event will be casual, a bit more upmarket or whatever….if I were in your shoes (those great leopard prints) I’d probably be comparing and wondering etc etc. Lovely outfit.

  5. That skirt looks amazing. I’ve shied away from this particular style because of my thighs. We all compare, lovely.

    The monochrome works for you. But I agree the leopard shoes added your touch. Zoe xx

    • I’m not a huge fan of my thighs either but that is why I love the midi ! You should def give it a try! I think the style would look great on you x

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