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I’m Em, and I’m an addict. 

Nearly every day is a multiple cup of coffee day. I wake up, pop the coffee machine on while I shower, scull back a cup of strong black brew before zooming to work and heading straight to the coffee shop. And one hour later I’m back again for number three. But I still spend the entire day yawning. And rubbing my eyes. And feeling droopy. I shuffle through the afternoon watching the clock because I know I’ll be home soon to chill out (unless I have plans, then I’ll probably have an afternoon coffee) and when I do eventually get home I need a good hour to “recover” from the exhaustion.

I’m certainly not bored at work. How can an emergency department be boring? Granted the work can be quite tedious, but with the environment around me changing every minute it’s certainly not your average office job.
So why am I so tired? Because come 10PM I’m wide awake. Brain buzzing, eyes wide, full on awake. Two zillion times more spritely and alive than I was at 8AM that morning. I write better, I communicate more eloquently, my memory is more focused, but hello, it’s bed time! And I can’t switch off until well into the wee hours of the morning. And then I have to get up early again for work. It’s a cycle. E’s been snoozing for hours by the time I finally feel sleep clouding me.

I blame shift work. And strange start/finish times. And the fact I’m an over thinker (that doesn’t help at all). And social media. And some caffeine is probably still in my system. But it sucks! I have permanent bags (or as a friend stated my eyes were always very puffy in the morning – don’t worry, she’s a good friend so I spose it’s okay for her to be THAT honest, and I got her back, haha) and my social skills lack considerably early in the morning (not a good thing when you’re job is very communication based). I need help!

The thing is I love coffee. And I mean, deep intense love. I would bathe in it if I could. But this blogger needs help. Tea has been a saviour, but how does one kick a habit that is getting her through the day? Now I need your help! What can I do to kick my excessive caffeine habit and increase my energy without turning into a nasty creature? How can I switch off at night? I’ve tried meditation, it’s really not for me. I’ve tried lavender on my pillow, it smells good but isn’t ideal. I’ve tried music, but that makes me more energised! I don’t want sleeping pills, because this addictive personality would probably like them to much. Help!

What are your tips for sleeping issues?

E x


  1. Could decaff help? Maybe your final coffee of the day be a decaff? Or is the thing you enjoy about the coffee the enrgy buzz?

      • Might be worth a try. I know I’m old now because if I have coffee after around 3pm I can never sleep, no matter how exhausted I am *haha*

  2. twenty says

    I’m of no use to you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I love coffee even more than you …..hahahahahha. I do think the above suggestion of decaaf might be a goer though. Good idea.

  3. vink says

    google ‘sleep hygiene’ – so holistic. and bathing in coffee ? divine x vink x

  4. Oh Emma, your story is exactly the same as mine 5 years ago. I LOVE coffee and am not willing to give up my 3-4 cups a day. I enjoy meditation but it does nothing for me sleep-wise. I saw a sleep specialist who helped me design a sleep routine that taught my brain that it was time to sleep, even if I go to bed at a different time each night. I use a pillow spray, tea, and a red backlight app for my phone and laptop as part of my routine. Let me know if you want to know more 😚

    • I’ll have to look into the backlight apps ! Sounds perfect for me cos I spend way too much time on my phone lol x

  5. Leanne Pearce says

    Chamomile or lemon balm tea, foods rich in magnesium or supplements and no dessert after dinner helps me. Also no mobile phones or laptops before bed.
    I find for me sugar and coffee builds up quickly in my body without realising over a couple of days. When I start to feel blergh I restrict to one cup and avoid sweets, go for a walk before dinner. Yoga slows down the mind and heart rate too. I imagine it would be hard trying to find balance with shift work, I’ve never done it before but I guess you could try replacing Ginko tea, it’s meant to stimulate the brain. good luck!

  6. Maybe get someone else to make your coffees and they can not tell u which are decaf and which are real. (The placebo effect) you may not be that dependent on the caffeine it might all be in your head. (Insert evil laugh here) 😁

  7. We have some fantastic coffee spots here in Perth so that can’t be helping you! I too am a wide awake at 10pm person and get everything done late at night. Calming down for bed is tough, I’ve never been one for meditation – I love the idea of it – but never thought I’d be able to control all the craziness wizzing around my brain. Smaggle mentioned on her blog an app called Buddhify. I liken it to meditation for people who can’t meditate and I’ve found it really helpful to wind down. Good luck xx

  8. My hubs found that switching a couple of his coffees to green tea (still has caffeine, but not in quite the same way) helped him enormously. You could try that? x

  9. Have you even tried melatonin? – its natural and is produced by your brain at bed time. You can buy as a supplement table online. My insomniac husband swears by it.

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