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A{nother} Letter To My Body

Dear Body,

I wrote to you about a year back now. At that time I was finally starting to feel comfortable in my skin, and now twelve months on I thought it was a good time to rewrite you. A year back I’d finally come to terms with the fact you were the body I was given, and I had to embrace it. And these days I am really loving the skin I’m in.

As a woman it is common to struggle with body image issues from day dot. Back in high school I really didn’t like you too much Body. I was the first to grow boobs (thanks family genes), my skin wasn’t the best and I didn’t participate in sport because I was too embarrassed to run in front of people. But I just wanted to tell you, I voluntarily took part in a boxing class recently. It was part of a blogger collaboration with four other bloggers, a MMA fight coach, a brilliant photographer and a fashion designer specialising in sports luxe. And I actually took part! I’ve been to the gym in the past but this class was a serious one, and although I may have giggled my way through it and stuffed up the boxing sequence more than one, I actually enjoyed myself and felt pretty damn good afterwards. You may be reading this like “wow, she went to the gym” but for me, it was huge step! I used to be embarrassed about getting red and sweaty in front of people, but I didn’t even care that I looked like an uncoordinated mess with a camera in my face. I had a ball. And I may just go back. 

The collaboration was organised by fellow Perth blogger Emma from Relatable Miss Renton. In her words…

“The only person we can truly count on in life is ourself. Our own mind, our own body, our own thoughts, feelings and actions. All of these things make us the individual we are. Unique, one of a kind. Special!

Basically Emma got a group of us together to embrace the skin we’re in and have some fun in the process. I don’t want to reveal too much, so you should pop over to her blog for the whole story.

Finally I hope my diet is ok for you Body? I’m still being careful with what I eat during the week. Weekends will not be compromised with dieting and watching my calorie intake. I love going out for brunch and sweet treats too much. Whatever I’m doing is working though, because Body, you’re still changing. And I feel fabulous.

Until next year,



  1. Love this post – so inspiring!!! And your a Perth chic! Me too.
    So cool. Raw and honest posts like this are my favourite.


  2. Love the idea of writing a letter to your body, we all need to accept ourselves a little more. I tried boxing once and I loved the bass-ass feeling it gave me!

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  5. Who cares how ugly exercising looks on the outside, as long as you feel great! I’ve noticed I have the bounciest boobs while attempting to jog but YOLO. Haters gonna hate and boobs gonna bounce.

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