Brunch Club Perth: July/August Breakfast Favourites

Life has just been so insanely busy lately I haven’t had much of a chance to dine out in true food reviewer form. I know right? Blogger blasphemy! I love a good cafe visit, but every time I have dined out recently it has been an eat and run moment. Or a catch up with friends moment. Or a “I am so hungry I can’t be bothered photographing my food until it’s cold” moment. No staged pictures, no “styling” the table. Just good old fashioned nomming. But I thought I’d share a few spots I’ve recently visited (in non blogger style). A place I visited post wedding dress shopping with a friend (where we talked all things bride over tasty bagels), a place E & I visit for brunch dates with friends we love (because it’s convenient to meet in the middle), a place we recently had to share with E’s Mum (because she too needs a bit of Brunch Club in her life), and two places perfect for blogger hangs (very IG worthy of course). The places I’ve enjoyed too much/been in company I can’t ignore/couldn’t be bothered fully getting into blogger mode for because, well, I was enjoying my breakfast too much! I guess you could call this post a “mini review” on a couple of hot brunch spots I’ve been persuing lately that you need to check out on your next food adventures. Camera optional, just bring your appetite. 

Chalky’s Espresso, Fremantle

Hidden away on the corner of High Street, Chalky’s is a happening hipster cafe that you can smell from a mile away. With an extensive brunch menu and delicious coffee, why wouldn’t you stop in on your next Freo rumble? I couldn’t decide between a few different dishes but salmon won this time. Soft, melt in your mouth polenta, poached eggs and beetroot relish worked perfectly with the smoked salmon, and a dash of hollandaise brought it all together. Two thumbs up from me. The coffee was strong yet smooth and served in bright and beautiful coloured cups, perfect for Instagram and Snapchat adventures. Chalky’s is directly across the road from the Fremantle Round House so make a morning of it!

1 High Street, Fremantle

(08) 9335 1324

Flora & Fauna, Northbridge

If you haven’t visited F&F yet you need to get down to the new Northbridge garden cafe ASAP! Beautiful food, lovely staff and the cutest out door seating area I’ve seen in a while. If you’re keen on visiting try and make a booking because anyone and everyone has been pulled in by F&F’s charm. The food is all vegan and vegetarian, made from the best quality local produce and is plated up beautifully with fresh flowers. My breakfast choice go to is the Breakfast Burrito (vegetarian of course) stuffed to the brim with organic refried beans, avocado, peppers and more. Whilst it sounds super healthy (and it is) you still feel satisfied and happy post meal. Oh yeah! The coffee is also top notch, and I’ll admit I went back for seconds. And if you’re more of a sweet tooth I’ve heard the Banana Bread is to die for. 

70 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge

0468 948 281

Sapore Espresso Bar, Belmont

Sapore is one of those cafes I keep going back to for more! If you want my full review of Belmont’s hottest cafe click here, but I recently revisited and couldn’t not rave about how delicious the place really is! First things first, get in early if you don’t want to wait for a table. Even though the cafe is huge people flock to Sapore on the weekends, and weren’t we lucky we were in and out by 10am because the line out the door when we were leaving was huge! Well known for their dreamy milkshakes, the food is just as good (and snap worthy). On this particular occasion the Truffle Oil Scramble caught my eye. Fluffy, light and with the subtle hint of the foodie God’s gift, they truly were scrumptious. If you want a healthier option the house made Bircher Muesli was a hit with E’s Mum. Look at those plump strawberries!

275 Belmont Avenue, Belmont

(08) 9478 1615

Crumpet, Victoria Park

An oldie but a goodie, Crumpet has been around for years serving all day breakfast and cheap eats! It may not be the prettiest cafe but the food is honest and well made, with something for everyone. The cafe has recently down sized their menu which is actually a bit of a blessing as it used to be nearly four pages long and for an indecisive woman like me, I could never decide on what to eat! All the best dishes have stuck around though, including the namesake of the cafe – the home made crumpet! Try it for yourself, it’s extremely yummy. One other thing I’ve been loving about Crumpet is they serve the biggest mugs of coffee I’ve seen in a while (besides Ley Street Cafe, you could swim in that coffee mug). The perfect size for an early morning. Plus Vic Park is so eclectic and full of great stores to explore (Crow Books is my personal fave) so stick around for a wander post feast.

8/885 Albany Highway, Victoria Park

(08) 9355 0901

Hylin, West Leederville

I don’t know why I didn’t visit Hylin sooner, but since my first visit late last month I’ve been back twice since. The decor is sexy, the staff are attentive and very professional and the food and coffee are brilliant. Take my latest brunch choice – a chicken bagel. Now that doesn’t sound too exciting, does it? Well, you’re wrong. The soft, melt in your mouth chook was layered between lashings of pesto and avocado and topped with a mountain of Swiss cheese and sundried tomato. The flavour combination was insanely good, and I wish it was bigger. Plus they use bagels from Holy Bagel Company, and you know I’m a fan of those by now (more about my bagel obsession here). The menu is very reasonably priced, so get in early if you want a sit down meal. Beware – a lot of cool kids hang out at Hylin, it’s very snap happy. 

178 Railway Parade, West Leederville

0401 815 804

So they are a few places where you’ll find me lately. Nomming on a bagel or a home made crumpet or truffle infused egg dish. I promise I’ll be more “food photgrapher” next time I do brunch so I can bring you a more detailed review, but I will admit short and sweet is a great way to get the message across. Let me know what you think of this format for food reviewing – love or hate? Do you want more or less? Sharing is caring friends. And if you’re in Perth – where should I go to brunch next? Any suggestions. My Zomato wish list is as long as my arm but I love adding to it!

What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

E x 


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    Great idea listing a few great places all together in one blog. Beaut photos too.

    • Glad you enjoyed it T! I enjoyed sharing more than one cafe at once, I may continue this kind of thing in the future. More content for my readers in one hit!

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