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Her Style | My Style : How to dress like Alexa Chung on a budget 

Whenever I find myself in a fashion funk I tend to draw inspiration from magazines, celebs and the internet. One of my go to sources is the wardrobe of beautiful British it-girl Alexa Chung. Her effortless style revolves around her love of true vintage and vintage inspired pieces, denim, leather, floral and quirk. Requiring not a lot of dollars, I’ve put together five looks worthy of Miss Chung – remember you don’t need her budget to look effortlessly cool.


By adding a feature “bow tie” to your blouse or shirt, you can bring your outfit up a notch and create a more chic, on trend look. Alexa has been spotted on more than one occasion rocking a “bow” string tie, and I honestly feel it gives off a certain kind of sexy yet intelligent vibe! I kept it simple by adding a neck tie to a black and white blouse and skinnies combo, adding a touch of sophistication to the look. It almost has a French vibe about it. No? Don’t have neck tie? Don’t fret, a black ribbon works perfectly. Due to the manic weather we have been experiencing lately in Perth, I added a plain black knit cardigan to the outfit, just incase the rain came down. The pop of colour and print in the leopard flats adds a bit of spunk to a predominantly chilled vibe. Very Alexa, and very budget friendly! 

shop the look @ asos : blouse | jeans | cardigan | flats


Alexa lives in lady like vintage dresses, usually paired with sheer stockings and a leather jacket. I love floral, and this look was a simple way to take from her wardrobe. This dress is not old school, but the Autumn toned print reminds me of the past (and her collection of vintage florals). The Peter Pan collar has been accentuated with another bow tie, making it the stand out of the outfit. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen Alexa in a Peter Pan collar, you could probably say it was her signature! Paired with thick stockings, funky wedge booties and bright lips this a simple way to emulate the It Girl.

shop the look @ boohoo: dress | stockings | boots


Laying necklaces of different lengths is a great way to make a statement, plus get some use out of your collection. Make like Chung and mix together a short length chain with an edgy, eye catching pendant. Don’t worry if they clash a little, it’s all part of the fun! I paired an art printed chain with a smaller, lady like infinity symbol to add a bit of quirk to a pre loved, vintage sweater. The combination is cute and not too over the top! Remember to keep your necklaces in a basic colour scheme as you want the jewellery to compliment the stripe, not clash.

shop the look @ the iconic: top | jeans | necklace 1 | necklace 2 | jacket


You may know these pictures already – this was my Spin The Pin look for August. More about the outfit here. When I actually put the outfit together I had Alexa in mind. From the toughness of the leather jacket to the soft ladylike skirt, the juxtaposition of boy and girl is a well know Chung fave. Alexa is not afraid of a colour pop, and the vintage skirt I wore is certainly eye catching. Don’t be afraid to wear a statement piece, that is how you’ll be remembered!

shop the look @ missguided: skirt | tee | jacket | glasses


I don’t know how many times I’ve noticed Alexa in this combo, but you don’t have to have legs for days to rock shorts and stockings in Winter. More about my look here, but let me just say it’s definitely eye catching. Miss Chung tends to layer it up with a fun print somewhere in her outfit, so remember to choose one part of the outfit (like I have with the checked shorts) and work around it to build a slick story.

shop the look @ dotti: shorts | jacket | blouse 

Who is your celebrity style inspiration? What do you do when you get yourself in a fashion funk?

E x


  1. This is totally brilliant Em. The neck tie is genius and it looks so stylish on you. I also LOVE the pink femme skirt with the leather jacket – the contrast is awesome. As is Alexa. I think my celebrity crush is Kate Bosworth and Olivia Palermo xox

  2. vickithefashionablemum says

    Ahh, love this post, you look fab in all those pics!

  3. Em, you look amazing in these Alexa-esque outfits. I think my fave is the bow tie white shirt combo. Thanks for sharing. Bron x

  4. thestylewithin says

    Love it Em! You nailed every one of those looks. My fav is the rock tee with floaty skirt,just gorgeous xxx

  5. I don’t have an inspiration (I just wear what I like, and that’s in fashion – in my head anyway – and I wear it for so long it eventually comes into fashion, sometimes 20 years later). Ha!

    • That’s a good way to do it Lydia! I normally go with whatever I feel unless I have no motivation at all, and that is when the inspo comes in !

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